PSA: PS2-Inspired Black PS5 Consoles Will Go on Sale This Week

If you have it in you to beat scalpers and bots to the punch, you can place an order for a retro PlayStation 2-inspired PlayStation 5 starting 3 pm EST on Friday, January 8th.

Produced in the USA, the console by SUP3R5 will be limited to 304 units – a number that itself is inspired by the PS2’s original release date of 03/04/00. The starting price is $649. SUP3R5 is also selling DualSense controllers separately for $99 each, and they’ll be limited to 500 units. Both products will begin shipping sometime in late Spring this year.

A disclaimer regarding the DualSense notifies potential buyers that its “retro inspired conversion process requires a complete disassembly” of the device. This means that there will be no warranties so if your controller conks out, you’ll be short of $99 and nothing to replace it with. The good news is that the console itself won’t be disassembled – only its side panels will be removed during the makeover, which doesn’t void warranty.

“The SUP3R5 team carefully applies the retro inspired design to each unit by hand, a tedious process that is performed with the utmost attention to detail and quality,” reads an official description. “The entire process is performed gloved and with necessary safety precautions, leaving your console, controller, and accessories untouched by human hands.”

Considering that a significant proportion of the PlayStation community still hasn’t secured the standard white PS5 that was officially released last November, being able to order this one seems like a pipe dream. But it’s worth trying, I guess.

[Source: SUP3R5 via TechRadar]