Immortals Fenyx Rising A New God DLC Reportedly Releasing on January 21, Trophy List Available Now

Immortals Fenyx Rising will be getting three story-driven DLC episodes and it seems the first of those is going to be releasing fairly soon. According to the Nintendo Store, as spotted by PlayStation Game Size, A New God will be released on January 21.

Fenyx has already spent a fair amount of time sparing the Greek Gods from a deadly titan known as Typhon. Immortals Fenyx Rising A New God will see them take on the Trial of the Olympians at Olympos. If they triumph through the numerous challenge vaults, they can join the Inner Circle of the Pantheon. The trophies for the DLC expansion were recently uploaded into PSN Profiles and give a few hints at what players can expect. As DLC trophies don’t usually appear until the content is near release, it does seem to lend further credence to the episode releasing later this month.

A New God DLC Trophies

The remaining two episodes will introduce new heroes. Myths of the Eastern Realm will introduce Ku, who will be rescuing immortals in a world based on Chinese Mythology. Meanwhile, The Lost Gods introduces a new champion known as Ash. He’s been chosen by Fenyx to find lost gods on a new island. This third episode will also change gameplay to a new top-down view and brawling combat.

Since its release at the start of December, players have already been able to take part in daily challenges and get their hands on Character Packs that offer new costumes, mounts, and companion skins, including one pack based on the characters from Adventure Time. There are also plenty of credits packs to purchase if you’re running short. Ubisoft has also promised weekly dungeon challenges and free in-game events as part of a program of post-launch content.

The Immortals Fenyx RisingA New God DLC is included as part of the Season Pass that’s available for purchase now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, or will be available for purchase separately on the day of release. Ubisoft is yet to make a statement about A New God’s release date.

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