Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Playlist Updates Move to Thursdays, New Playlists Coming This Week

Call of Duty multiplayer playlist updates have historically taken place on Tuesdays, but starting this week, Treyarch is shifting playlist updates for Black Ops Cold War to Thursdays. The next playlist update will happen on January 7th, bringing a few new playlists for the weekend.

With this change to Black Ops Cold War playlist updates, January 7th will add the following playlists:

Raid + Crossroads Strike 24/7 – A two-map playlist featuring various game modes only Raid and Crossroads Strike (a smaller, limited version of the Combined Arms Crossroads map). If you like these maps, this is the playlist you’ll want to head to.

Gunfight Blueprints – Gunfight Blueprints will presumably be the traditional 2v2 Gunfight gam mode exclusively using various weapon blueprints from the random loadouts that you get.

Dirty Bomb Duos – Fireteam Dirty Bomb is currently a quad-based game mode featuring ten teams of four, but this new playlist will presumably pair players up in a massive battle of twenty teams of two fighting to load up and detonate the dirty bombs. While its unknown if it will still be a total of 40 players or not, reducing team size should add to the chaos of the mode and change up the dynamics quite a bit.

While Thursday’s playlist update will remove the festive Nuketown Holiday 24/7 playlist, standard Nuketown 24/7 will be available for people like me who can’t get enough of that map. They also reiterated that Face Off, Prop Hunt, and Fireteam: Dirty Bomb are all staying, so players can still enjoy these game modes for the time being. Treyarch usually rotates at least some of the playlists every week, so Thursday January 14th could feature a few surprises.

It’s unclear if these playlist update day changes also apply to the Infinity Ward-developed and Raven-maintained Warzone, which is currently a separate application from Black Ops Cold War (paired with Modern Warfare). There are rumors that a whole new map featuring Black Ops Cold War’s Ural Mountains region could be coming to Warzone for its one-year anniversary, but it isn’t known if this update will officially move the battle royale title over to the Black Ops Cold War app, or continue to maintain it is part of Modern Warfare. Notably, Warzone also hasn’t received a full PS5 upgrade yet. While the next-gen console offers some optimizations, players are still playing the PS4 version of the game via backwards compatibility, even when launching Warzone from Black Ops Cold War.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 1 is currently scheduled to end on Wednesday February 24th, with Season 2 assumed to kick off shortly following on Thursday February 25th. With a month and a half to go, there are still plenty of Season 1 things left to drop, including new weapons, the Sanatorium Fireteam map, 6v6 Dropkick, and the Cranked mode for Zombies. Season enders usually feature a few fun surprises too, before launching the next season of content.