Rumor: Call of Duty: Warzone May Be Getting a New Map in the Ural Mountains

Call of Duty: Warzone already has a second map, albeit a much smaller one, thanks to the recent arrival of Rebirth Island to go alongside Verdansk. Despite this, there are rumors starting to spread about a third map, one that would be more in line with the full enormity of Verdansk. According to Charlie Intel, this third map will possibly be set within the Ural mountains and feature locations from Black Ops Cold War multiplayer.

The rumors have sprung up from a game mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Fireteam: Dirty Bomb takes place on two maps (soon to be threee) large enough to accommodate 40 players. Alpine is a ski resort in the snowy mountains with battles taking place both inside a ski lodge and in large open areas outside. Ruka is a Spetsnaz GRU training ground set in a more forested location in the Ural mountains. The reason these maps are causing a stir is because in the game’s console code, both of the maps’ names start with “wz”. Alpine is called “wz_ski_slopes”, while Ruka is known as “wz_forest”.

Combining the two maps would make an ideal location for part of a larger Warzone map. Many players expect a third map to be released in March 2021 to coincide with the first anniversary of the free-t0-play game. There’s even a possibility that more parts of a possible map could be used as Black Ops Cold War multiplayer battle grounds in the following three months. As usual, nothing has been confirmed by Treyarch, Infinity Ward, or Activision.

Fireteam: Dirty Bomb has a lot of similarities to Warzone, something that’s also helping to support the rumors. Up to 40 players jump out of a plane at the beginning of a match before searching for uranium in supply caches. This is used to fuel the titular dirty bombs. When the bomb is filled, players can detonate it to create a radioactive area that will damage players. Other random items also drop during the game.

Rumors aside, both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone are making use of a double XP weekend right now. The period began at 10am PT today, December 31, and will end at 10am PT on January 4. It would be a great time to check out the new Season One content that launched on December 16, including the aforementioned Rebirth Island in Warzone.

[Source: Charlie Intel]