Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Servers Are Now Closed but All Trophies Are Still Unlockable

The servers for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor were due to be closed on December 30th. While that shutdown was initially delayed, the servers have now closed for good. The good news is that while some trophies were due to be taken down with the servers, those trophies and ultimately the Platinum will remain obtainable thanks to a last minute update.

The announcement of the server closure caused a lot of upset within the game’s community. This reaction caused developer Monolith Productions to look for a last minute reprieve for the game’s trophies. While they did this, the server closure was delayed with the servers eventually going offline yesterday, January 12. An update from WB Games Support explains the changes they’ve made:

  • The Nemesis Forge feature is no longer available.
  • Vendetta missions are no longer available, but the “Repaid in Blood” achievement/trophy can still be unlocked.
  • Leaderboards are no longer connected to other users and only show the player’s score, but “The Hunt is My Mistress” and “Lord of the Ring” achievements/trophies can still be unlocked.
  • The WBPlay platform is no longer available, but the Epic Runes “Orc Hunter” and “Gravewalker” upgrades are now automatically awarded to all players.

Further clarification on the developer’s Discord channel stated the “Repaid in Blood” trophy is now unlocked through personal vendettas, when “you get killed by a Captain and then avenge yourself”. The Vendetta Captain that needs to be killed for the trophy will be marked on the Army screen. The other two trophies still require players to complete all objectives in the Test of The Ring and Test of the Wild respectively.

Those players who are yet to jump into the game can now do so while knowing the Platinum trophy is still available. The game is currently available on PlayStation Now, as is its sequel Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Otherwise, Shadow of Mordor is currently discounted in the Holiday sale that runs until January 19.

[Source: WB Games Support]