Capcom Announces Closed Beta for Undisclosed Project to Celebrate Resident Evil’s 25th Anniversary

Capcom has opened invitations for a closed beta test to celebrate Resident Evil franchise’s 25th anniversary.

The publisher stopped short of revealing what the test is for, but noted on Twitter that this is our chance to “play a Resident Evil title that no one has played before.” Interestingly, the only listed platforms are PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which makes us wonder if this project is related to the upcoming Resident Evil Village or not.

Capcom previously said that while it will endeavor to release Resident Evil Village for last-gen consoles, it “can’t make any promises.”

“While Resident Evil Village is being developed specifically for next-generation consoles and PC, we’re looking into delivering the experience on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well,” producer Tsuyoshi Kanda said during a Tokyo Game Show 2019 presentation. “We’re looking into it, but we can’t make any promises.” However, what the company did promise is that it’ll do its best to make “a top-tier survival horror experience” for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

We’ll update our when we have more information about the secret project. In the meantime, here’s a free Resident Evil avatar for the PS4 and PS5: