Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Gets Rainbow Six Crossover Event Tomorrow

Ubisoft is well known for bringing their various franchises together in crossover events. The latest of these is coming to Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. From tomorrow, January 21, players will be able to recruit three Rainbow Six operators to help them take on the latest live event, Amber Sky.

Toxic nerve gas clouds have appeared on the island of Auroa. Nomad has learned they’ve been caused by a substance known as Amber Ruin. Produced by Sentinel, the company plans to sell the gas overseas. Together with three Rainbow Six operatives — Ash, Finka, and Thatcher — players need to stop the overseas sales from taking place, as well as find a cure for people who have already been affected.

Each of the three operatives will bring their own unique skills. Thatcher has an EMP grenade that’ll work against ground drones, turrets, and mortars. Ash has a grenade launcher to take out vehicles or explosive barrels. Finally, Finka can heal and revive players, as well as providing health and weapon buffs.

The event has nine new missions, including Breach, Spy, and Steal missions. Some of these will include new gameplay elements. A gas mask will be needed while in lethal gas zones, but players only have a limited amount of time before those filters degrade. More filters need to be found, or they can be recharged at dedicated stations. There’s also the ability to breach into buildings with explosive charges for locked doors.

Those who take part in the event will be able to earn 11 new items such as weapons, and figures. The final reward for completing all of the missions is the Underbarrel Shotgun attachment. All of the items will be purchasable at Maria’s shop for two weeks after the event ends if you miss out. There’ll also be a range of Rainbow Six items in the shop that can be purchased throughout the event, like uniforms, weapon attachments, patches, and plenty of other cosmetics.

The Amber Sky event begins tomorrow, January 21, and will run until February 1. Title Update 3.1.0 that prepared the game for the event’s arrival was released on January 19. Make sure to download it if you want to be able to jump straight in when the event begins.

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