AndaSeat Iron Man Edition Gaming Chair Review

AndaSeat Iron Man Edition Gaming Chair Review – Tony Stark Would be Proud

The folks over at AndaSeat, one of the top of the line gaming chair producers, have teamed up with Disney to release a line of Marvel’s Avengers branded gaming chairs, and they were nice enough to ship me one that would make Tony Stark proud. I’ve spent the last week and a half relaxing, playing some Diablo III, and writing in my AndaSeat Iron Man Edition chair and it fits me like Iron Man’s glove.

AndaSeat Iron Man Edition Gaming Chair Review – Simple and Quick Assembly

When UPS delivered my box of goodness, I knew it wouldn’t be lightweight. The shipment clocked in at 71+ pounds, and with my previous experience with AndaSeat chairs, I already knew why. AndaSeat uses high quality, powder coated steel in their construction, and they don’t skimp when it comes to padding and cushions. The Avengers series chairs also ship with a co-branded rug that has a rubber coated backing to help keep your floors protected and works well for maneuvering the chair around your desk.

Assembly doesn’t require a doctorate in engineering, and I went box to butt in around fifteen minutes. The chair ships with the only tool you’ll need—a two ended Allen wrench—but since I’ve assembled one of AndaSeat’s chairs before, I already knew which sizes of Allen wrenches I would need and pulled out my 1/4 drive ratchet set. Most people could probably assemble the chair easily in less than a half hour with the supplied wrench and the step-by-step guide, but having “proper” tools helped me knock it out a bit quicker.

AndaSeat Iron Man Edition Gaming Chair Review – Designed for the Average Sized Gamer

The first chair AndaSeat sent me was the Fnatic, a chair that was designed for folks on the larger size. You could fit a NFL linebacker in that thing comfortably with the max size being 7’1″ and 440 pounds. The AndaSeat Iron Man Edition Gaming Chair, on the other hand, is more my size. I’m 5′ 11″ and I weigh considerably less than the max listed weight of 350 pounds, so this chair fits me very well. The listed height range is 5″2″ to 6’2″ so I would think that would cover a good majority of gamers.

The chair has 4D arm wrests which allow for a wide range of adjustments and also have an adjustable width when you are assembling the chair. While the Fnatic was a very comfortable chair to sit in, its XL size wasn’t always optimal for me in daily use. The size of the chairs in the AndaSeat Marvel Avengers line are much better suited for me, personally, and I would recommend taking your size into consideration when ordering a gaming chair from AndaSeat.

AndaSeat Iron Man Edition Gaming Chair Review – Embroidered Branding

All of the Iron Man branding is just as impressive as the chair itself.  The embroidery is very detailed, and I’m not sure if the images can really show the intricate details of the stitching. The front and back of the chair, both the lumbar support and the head pillows, and even the rug are all decorated with Iron Man-related embroidery.

AndaSeat Iron Man Edition Gaming Chair Review – Pricey but a Quality Product

Gaming chairs can range in pricing from cheap to high end, and AndaSeat chairs aren’t in the lower price range but won’t necessarily break one’s budget either. The AndaSeat Marvel Iron Man gaming chair retails at $469.99 (if you can find one), and is a high quality chair that will last you for a long time to come.

Avengers Assemble… your chairs!

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