Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Kicks Off With Crimson Heist, Introducing Argentinian Attacker Flores

Ubisoft has unveiled its roadmap for Rainbow Six Siege‘s Year 6, which will kick off with Crimson Heist. This season will add a new operator, a reimagined Border map, a new secondary gadget, and a new Elite skin for Kali. Crimson Heist’s test server will go live today.

Rainbow Six Siege‘s new operator is Argentinian attacker Flores, who is equipped with a gadget called the RCE – Ratero Charge. He can deploy remote-controlled explosives by driving them through the map for a limited period of time. Flores is armed with an AR33 or a SR-25 as a primary weapon, and a GSH-18 as a secondary weapon. As for the new gadget, “Gonne-6,” it can be used to destroy any bulletproof gadget.

The Border map’s interior balcony and bathroom have been reworked. According to Ubisoft, players will have “a new challenging environment with some entry blocked, a reduced number of destructible walls and an additional outside staircase.”

In addition to the above, Ubisoft will be deploying some quality-of-life updates detailed as follows:

DDoS attacks, already down by 90 percent this year, will still be a major focus to improve players’ experience. The technical team is working closely with our partner Microsoft Azure to keep reducing matchmaking time and to improve servers’ stability. Lastly, the development team is making a strong effort to reduce the game size in general. This is an ongoing effort already running and that will be more and more visible for players this whole year.

Last but not least, Ubisoft and Capcom are teaming up to release an Elite skin inspired by Resident Evil‘s Jill Valentine for Zofia. An additional Resident Evil skin will also be released during Year 6. Separately, Ubisoft has teamed up with the talented Ikumi Nakamura to release a series of skins, starting with Echo and Dokkaebi on March 2nd.