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Arkane Added Some of Dishonored’s Powers to Deathloop, Says Each District Has Distinct Look and Audio

Arkane Studios’ Deathloop is shaping up to be quite a unique and intriguing experience, but players who are familiar with the Dishonored series should feel at home in some ways. Speaking to IGN, Game Director Dinga Bakaba revealed that the studio added some of Dishonored‘s powers to the upcoming title, but stopped short of revealing which specific powers he was talking about.

“As much as we wanted to do something very original with this game, we also wanted some familiarity,” Babaka explained. “We decided to bring back quite a few of the powers that we have in the Dishonored series. I think it’s something that will make players feel right at home. And then there are a few twists and modifications. I think that’s a good view of the main player tools.”

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Arkane released a new gameplay trailer, and assured fans that each of the four districts of Blackreef will have a distinct feel, visual style, and even music.

“Along with the different visual influences in each district, we wanted to ensure players would hear different things between the different regions of the island,” wrote Audio Director Michel Tremouiller. “The scores of each district are changed by the architecture and vibe of that particular location, as well as the Visionaries that call those areas home. Where Aleksis’ Updaam is all psyche-rock and vintage sci-fi tones, an area like Frank Spicer’s home of Fristad Rock will be more melancholic guitars swaying to the rhythm of the waves.”

Deathloop will release on May 21, 2021 for the PlayStation 5 and PC.

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