AndaSeat Dark Demon

AndaSeat Dark Demon Premium Gaming Chair Review

After years of torturing my tushy with a simple wooden chair for my marathon gaming sessions, it was time to see what a real gaming chair could do to improve my comfort. While I was researching chairs, AndaSeat reached out with the opportunity for me to check out their Dark Demon line.

The Dark Demon chairs are some of the more affordable offerings AndaSeat carries. Not as pricy as the Fnatic or Kaiser 2 series, the Dark Demon is available in all black or black and red, retailing at $449.99. Instead of a smaller mesh seat from Office Depot I can get a padded chair that comes with cushions and an adjustable back for the same price.

Assembling the Dark Demon

The Dark Demon is not a light chair, clocking in at about 65 pounds without the packaging. With the help of my spouse, we hauled it into the garage where I took every piece out of the box and cleaned them off before bringing them inside for assembly. Just something I like to do to keep down allergens. For the most part everything was easy to assemble. The chair comes with two Allen keys, a larger one for the heavy duty bolts and another for the smaller screws. If you have power tools at your disposal, feel free to use them like Louis did with his Iron Man gaming chair.

Since I was working in a very tight space, I brought in the pieces as the instructions called for them. The first step called for removing four bolts from the chair back in order to attach the seat. This was the most difficult part of the entire set up. Because, as always seems to be the case when I am putting together a chair, the final bolt is the one that refuses to either 1) line up correctly, or 2) won’t seem to screw in no matter how hard I push. After the first ten minute struggle, I set it aside and came back to it a little later. Success!

Once the seat and chair back were together the rest was smooth sailing. Adding the wheels, arm rests, and hydraulic lift were quick. All that was left was to borrow my spouse for lifting the seat portion and aligning it with the base. Voila! My new chair was ready for a test drive.

AndaSeat Dark Demon

Comfort and Fit

The real test of a chair is just how long one can remain seated. For me, the dream has always been finding something so comfortable it makes my Extra Life marathons feel shorter than they are. So I spent the past few weekends living in my Dark Demon. Six to eight hours a day, Saturdays and Sundays, playing Persona 5 Strikers, Elder Scrolls Online, and Fallout 76. All games that require a lot of invested time.

Boy oh boy, is this chair amazing! By far the most comfortable “not a couch” piece of furniture I’ve ever owned. First off, the cushioning is perfect. Butt fatigue is a real thing. So is a sore tailbone due to lack of support. I’m happy to report that after my first day using it, the pain I’d previously felt immediately upon standing when I used the kitchen chair simply didn’t exist. Three weekends in and the only time my backside hurts is from overdoing the squats in Ring Fit. The adjustable lumbar support pillow is the perfect size and hits my back exactly how I need it to. Much better than trying to re-position that tiny anime pillow I used before. The headrest is fine; I am a little on the shorter side of the recommended height for the Dark Demon (five foot two to six foot two) so sometimes it doesn’t hit me just right. And that’s okay. I tend to lean forward when I game as it is so I keep my chair completely upright. Perhaps one day I will make use of the reclining functions.

If your job has you sitting in front of a screen for the majority of a work day, the Dark Demon gaming chair is a stellar option. The all black option gives you that air of professionalism while ensuring your body isn’t fatigued or sore. It is a quality product and one I will gladly recommend to anyone in the market. When the time comes for us to pick up a chair for my spouse, odds are it will be another AndaSeat offering.

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