Build Up Your City with The Colonists, Coming to Consoles This Year

The Auroch Digital team, along with Code by Fire and Mode 7, have announced that The Colonists, a popular Steam game, will be coming to the PlayStation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch this year. No word in the initial announcement though if this is a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 release.

The Colonists is a relaxing city-building game inspired by games like The Settlers and Anno. The game features robots tasked with harvesting resources, setting up production lines, building places for your robots to work and live, and refining gathered resources to create useful items. Construct various transportation systems such as road, water, and rail transports to handle all of your distribution needs. Discover new lands and fight for survival in 14 missions, split between peaceful and military campaigns, along with a sandbox mode to allow you to play as you like.

New to the console versions:

  • New Controls: Re-designed controls from the ground up to feel natural and fun on consoles
  • Controller Optimized UI: Re-imagined user interface to be more accessible for players of all types
  • New Robot Hats: Some little cute touches here and there including some snazzy new robot hats

And here’s everything that The Colonists features:

  • Harvest: Gather Resources like wood, iron, stone, fish, and lots more
  • Refine: Turn resources into useful items, like bread, bricks, and planks
  • Build: Create homes, farms, and factories for your bots to live in and work on
  • Research: Advance technologies from steam trains to space rockets
  • Expand: Increase the complexity and reap rewards as you chase productivity zen
  • Campaign: 14 missions split into separate peaceful and military branches
  • Sandbox Mode: Customize various game settings to play the game how you like
  • Challenge Trophies: Special speed-run challenges which test the most expert colony builders

The Colonists doesn’t currently have a firm release date on consoles except sometime in 2021. Do you plan on checking out The Colonists when it releases later this year? Please take time to journey to the center of the earth and leave us a comment on this story.