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Godfall’s Latest Patch Fixes Issues Introduced by the Primal Update Including Ascendant Trophy

Godfall‘s much-awaited Primal Update added more endgame challenges and a new loot category among other content last month. However, the update also brought with it a number of issues, like the Ascendant trophy not unlocking properly. The good news is, Counterplay Games has resolved these issues via a patch that went live on March 18th.

Patch notes are as follows:

  • Solved an issue where the Ascendant Trophy/Achievement (Complete 20 floors in the Tower of Trials) would not unlock appropriately. Note: Players that have previously completed this challenge should retroactively receive this Trophy/Achievement once they enter any mission.
  • Solved an issue where interacting with the augment selection screen while having more than four pages of augments would cause significant stuttering and other performance problems.
  • Solved a crash that could occur when equipping an augment that had a scaling attribute trait.
  • Solved an issue where some Ascension powers were lost after switching characters or rebooting the game.
  • Solved an issue where the “+1% Loot Bonus” Ascension trait did not total to 5% when maxed out.
  • Solved an issue where Boon upgrades were stacking with previous versions of themselves rather than being set to the current boon level value. In other words, if a Level 1 Boon gave +5, and Level 2 gave +10, the error would give players +15 instead of the intended +10.
  • Solved an issue where certain Banes would incorrectly appear under the Boons section.
  • Solved an issue where different rarity Boons would be offered to players at a higher level than intended. The first appearance of all Boons should be offered at Level 1 regardless of rarity.
  • Solved an issue where the Max Lifestones Bane would reapply itself after certain inventory triggers, reducing a player’s lifestone maximum down to zero.
  • Solved an issue where the Renegerative Bane would allow bosses to quickly heal past phase checkpoints, undoing progress if the player died.
  • Solved an issue in the Tower of Trials where inflicting Sobeku with an ailment while it’s regenerating would trigger it to spawn Razorback beasts on each heal/DoT tick. This unintended mechanic would spawn dozens of Razorbacks leading to a variety of performance issues.
  • Solved an issue where Macros was incorrectly vulnerable to Predestination (augment), where its takedown trait would allow for a free kill.
  • Solved an issue where the Exalted Air Realm Gauntlet would spawn all bosses in their Ascended versions instead of their Exalted versions.
  • Solved an issue where certain areas of Sunforge had significant framerate drop issues related to lighting.
  • Solved an issue where having the Combat HUD setting turned On would cause significant framerate drops in any version of the Tower of Trials.
  • Solved an issue where sometimes the Crystal Voidlings summoned by Vargul Summoners would appear invisible.
  • Solved an issue where the players could desync their game when planting a banner at the same time as their own death.
  • Solved an issue where the player’s weapons could disappear when they respawn.
  • Solved an issue where using the “Copy Current Loadout” would lock items making them unavailable to be salvaged. This should retroactively fix all the locked items – go ahead and salvage all that loot!
  • Updated the Invisibility Bane to no longer affect certain bosses during their invulnerable attacks/abilities.
  • Updated the Regeneration Bane to no longer affect certain bosses during their invulnerable attacks/abilities.
  • Updated the “Copy Current Loadout” so it does not unequip all currently equipped augments on the new target Valorplate.
  • Updated several missing localization strings.
  • Updated the Dreamshaping menu (for Dreamstone rewards) to include a confirmation delay to prevent the UI from desyncing/breaking from quick succession purchases.
  • Updated the Primal Item stat card to remove the black box graphical error.

[Source: Gearbox]