Kinda Funny The Blessing Show Dreams

Kinda Funny’s Blessing Jr. Does an Entire Episode of The Blessing Show From Within Dreams

Dreams has been popular among creators who use its unique and open creation tools to build countless games and experiences on the platform, but creators wish that there were more people to play and experience those creations. To help bring some attention back to Media Molecule’s Dreams and show what’s possible with it more than one year after its full launch, Kinda Funny’s Blessing Adeoye Jr. did an entire episode of “The Blessing Show” completely within Dreams.

Kinda Funny The Blessing Show Dreams Episode

The unique episode starts with the real Blessing, but transitions to a CG Dreams version just a few seconds in. Blessing notes that talk surrounding Dreams may not be all that loud, but it’s quietly “one of the cooler first-party games on the [PlayStation] platform.” Since its launch, and even considering the early access back in 2019, the Dreams community has been getting more used to the tools, opening up to more collaboration, and just creating cooler and more unique experiences than most people realize.

Throughout the episode, Blessing shows clips from numerous different Dreams creations, but specifically highlights and focuses on five games he’s been super impressed with. He says that since the early “rough around the edges” creations, there has been a monumental evolution in what people are creating, moving from work-in-progress games and fan remakes to fully realized creations.

Lock is a first-person puzzle game by Pixel Gorilla, a detailed game that requires code breaking, perspective, and steganography to unlock clues to the code words. Blessing describes it as “The Witness, but with words.” Metal Eagles: Ultimate Challenge is a retro-inspired top-down pixel shoot ’em up. Want a racing game with actual weight and physics to its vehicles? Tectonic lets you race through a crumbling city in the midst of an earthquake. A Little Perspective has the makings of an indie puzzle game based on perspective. Blade Gunner is a Resogun clone, with a unique art style of its own. And all of these were made and are playable entirely within Dreams.

Of course, Blessing points out that just because he highlighted five games doesn’t mean these are diamonds in the rough. The platform is filled with equally amazing experiences, each in their own unique way, that are just getting bigger and better. Creators are learning how to create nearly photorealistic graphics with the tools, shedding the assumption that all creations in Dreams have the signature fuzzy look. In fact, there are a ton of graphical styles that you wouldn’t even be able to tell are Dreams creations at a glance.

The video was worked on by Dreams creators Team Pig Detective, who helped Blessing and the video team at Kinda Funny realize their own dream (heh) of having an entire episode of The Blessing Show created and shot within Dreams.

Sony is continuing to invest in Dreams, and Media Molecule is constantly looking for ways to improve the experience, including working on exporting Dreams creations. While it may not be a headline first-party game the likes of which Sony is reportedly focusing heavily on right now, it shows that the company is still willing to keep these kinds of unique “only on PlayStation” kinds of experiences.

What did you think of the Kinda Funny The Blessing Show Dreams episode? Does it make you want to jump back into the Media Molecule game and do a little dreamsurfing of your own?