Unreal Engine 5 Dreams

Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo Scene Recreated in Dreams

Is there anything Dreams creators can’t do? After seeing this week’s Unreal Engine 5 tech demo, artist Martin Nebelong rose to the challenge of recreating a small portion of it in Media Molecule’s creative suite. The Unreal Engine 5 Dreams recreation may not have Lumen or Nanite or any of the other fancy next-gen features coming next year, but it’s a pretty awesome tribute nonetheless, continuing to show the possibilities of Dreams and the power of the creators who use it.

Check out the comparison of Nebelong’s Unreal Engine 5 Dreams recreation to Epic’s version in the images below:

Unreal Engine 5 Dreams Comparison

This is the scene from Dreams by Nebelong. (Click to enlarge)
Unreal Engine 5 Dreams
This is a screenshot provided by Epic of the Unreal Engine 5 tech demo. (Click to enlarge)

Though not a perfect 1:1 recreation, it’s pretty close, and Nebelong managed to capture the overall feeling of the scene and some of its more unique details, like the circular cave painting on the right wall and the unique architecture along the left. More impressive still is the fact that Nebelong made the Dreams creation in about two hours. He provided a quick time-lapse of the process on his Twitter to show how it all came together, with a higher quality version of the video available on YouTube.

Since its release earlier this year, Dreams creators have consistently defied expectations with staggering creations, from interesting games to stunning depictions of realism. Martin Nebelong’s Twitter is well-worth following if you like seeing Dreams creations.

Media Molecule is far from done with Dreams, with future plans including adding VR support (both for making and playing creations) and while not focusing on it yet, it’s expected that Dreams will make the leap to PS5 at some point after the next-gen console releases.