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Dreams Will Be Supported Past PS5 Launch, Long Future of Development Planned

While a PS5 version of Dreams has yet to be confirmed, it’s possible we’ll see a revamped version for the next generation. (Editor’s Note: or perhaps just enhanced backwards compatible support for the existing one.Dreams made its mark as an impressive creation tool, but what would it look like on PS5? The game’s technical tools developer Daniel Kidney and senior principle programmer Liam de Valmency have confirmed that there’s a lot more in store for Dreams beyond the launch of the next-gen platform, with a long future of development planned.

De Valmency shared his thoughts on the game’s features and what the future could look like:

When I think about Dreams, it’s like, we have this huge laundry list of features that we want to see. I think with any creative tool, everyone has their own agenda for what they really want to make, so everyone has their own agenda for what they want to see in it. We have this whole backlog of cool features that we have only tried, or haven’t managed to polish, or we haven’t looked at yet. You know, new tools, we want to do new tutorials, new ways of teaching people, new ways of sharing stuff, new community features.

I think basically Dreams, we can just keep adding… I think we probably got like 100 years of features that we just roll out at this point. The technical challenge really is prioritising, how we figure out what’s most useful to people? We’re just trying to enable as many creators as possible to create the thing they have in their head.

And in regards to the current early access version of Dreams, Kidney expressed that he was pleased with the roll-out of content:

We did the beta, and it went really well, so it was like, all right, what’s the next step? We wanted to hone the onboarding and the tutorials so that people felt like they could create, and so we decided to do an early access release. Then we can sort of build this up slowly and foster the right kind of community, so that when we do go to full release, we’re going to have not just amazing content that people have made, but also a community of players.

Even Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida noted that Sony has a 10-year long-term vision for Dreams. If that’s true, the likelihood of seeing it on PS5 seems to be high (Editor’s Note: Again, backwards compatibility pretty much guarantees it), but we’ll have to wait for word from Sony to be sure. At least we know there will be no shortage of Dreams content as long as the community keeps creating.

[Source: VG247]