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Media Molecule Says Dreams Early Access is Doing Well, So Far

Media Molecule’s Dreams entered Early Access just a few months ago. Apart from an estimated 100,000 players minimum, there exists no concrete details about how well the game is performing with the $30 price tag attached to the Early Access phase. Some good news has recently surfaced, however. According to the studio’s Co-Founder and Creative Director Mark Healey, Dreams, thus far, is in pretty good shape.

The Creative Director shared this sentiment with MCVUK for the publication’s July 2019 issue. During the interview, Healey revealed Dreams‘ Early Access success is “going as good as we could ever hope for.” He told MCVUK,

We want to do a bit of a slow build up so that we can iron out any obvious problems before we put it in front of too many people’s faces really. And the quality of the community is amazing, which was something we’d really hoped for and something that we put particular effort into, targeting certain people that we knew would be right for Dreams–primarily a lot of LittleBigPlanet creators for example but not just that. My experience is that it’s very good-natured, lots of people who are willing to help each other out and collaborate. So I think there’s a nice happy feeling in the community we’ve got so far.

That “nice happy feeling” is likely being fueled in large part by Media Molecule’s support of the experience. Weeks following the Early Access roll out in April, the developer released the title’s first update. With it came new cosmetic assets, new art kit, additional games, and a promise from the studio to keep in better contact with the community. The latter of the additions introduced the “What’s New” section, which pins new content details and other relevant information to the Dreams main menu page.

The Early Access stage of Dreams is currently available to purchase on the PlayStation Network for $30. While the developers want to avoid Early Access going on for too long, Media Molecule has yet to announce plans for the game’s full release date and pricing model.

[Source: MCVUK via Wccftech]