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Media Molecule Doesn’t Want Dreams to Spend Too Much Time in Early Access

If you’re concerned that Dreams is going to be one of those games that take years to leave early access then rest assured, Media Molecule’s goal is quite the opposite.

In an interview with Games Beat, Communications Manager Abbie Heppe said that while the developer isn’t sure how long Dreams will remain in early access, it doesn’t want the game to spend too much time in the phase. However, early access is proving to be really beneficial for the development team in a myriad of ways.

“It’s allowing us to polish some things like the social systems and add a bunch more things that we want for the people who aren’t our core creative community,” Heppe explained. “The tools are really polished. Our community gives us feedback on very specific things that they’d like to see. But we’re happy with where these are at.”

Heppe added that Media Molecule wants to ensure that when Dreams officially releases, it comes with a wide variety of tutorials, templates, assets, and tools to give new creators the best possible experience at launch. She also revealed that the studio has a list of post launch features that’s “a million miles long.” One such feature is online multiplayer.

“We’ll get to all of those things eventually,” Heppe continued. “Maybe not necessarily during early access, but in the lifetime of Dreams, in the updates we do when the game is in full release. We just want to make sure that when we put this out there to everyone, it’s a great experience for more than just our people who are already, ‘Let’s create!'”

Dreams‘ full release will also include a single-player story. Media Molecule is currently working on a narrative piece that teaches the community more about cutscenes and shows them what a “full realized” game looks like.

Dreams is in development for the PlayStation 4.

[Source: Venture Beat]