Media Molecule Plans to Update Dreams in May

The development and early access release of Media Molecule’s Dreams has been quite fascinating. You can tell the project turned into something much more ambitious than was initially planned, leading to its long development time. Now that it’s out in early access, players are making some impressive stuff. One user created the entire opening of Marvel’s Spider-Man using Dreams’ creation tools. But the impressive creations don’t just stop there. If you’re a fan of Dreams, you’ll be happy to know that Media Molecule is planning to update it in May, although no official release date has been locked in.

During an interview with Game Informer, the development studio discussed the things it would like to include in May’s patch, including the following:

  • More tutorial and templates
  • New assets for creators to use
  • Raising the level cap past 100
  • Various Dreamiverse social abilities, like blocking other users.

As complicated as the game can be, it could definitely benefit from more tutorials, so seeing that on the patch list is a welcome inclusion. It will be interesting to see how Dreams evolves over time. This particular update, while not too substantial, at least gives us a taste of what to expect for future patches, as well.

In a separate story from Game Informer, Media Molecule also discussed the various types of controls that could be implemented into the game. One criticism has been the usage of motion controls, which the developers are actively working on a solution for. The motion controls in-game work fine, but it would be nice to just be able to use the sticks on the Dualshock 4 to control the cursor, or even mouse and keyboard as the article suggests.

A Media Molecule senior designer, Jon Beech, had this to say about the game’s controls:

For us accessibility is really important and that includes accessibility for people who have difficulty using motion controls, so things like mouse and keyboard help with that. So yeah, anything can happen in regards to [accessibility]. For us it’s just a matter of prioritizing motion-free control that uses the PS4 and then later down the road we can look into possible mouse and keyboard support.

Dreams is out in early access now. We’ll keep you posted on when May’s update rolls around.

[Source: Game Informer]