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Relive Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Opening in This Impressive Dreams Recreation

Earlier in April 2019, Media Molecule launched Dreams as an Early Access experience exclusively on the PlayStation 4. Plenty of people have had ample time to explore the title’s countless creative features. One Dreams creation in particular is receiving a bit of buzz on Reddit, as it stars another PS4-exclusive character, Spider-Man. The Dreams creation in question is actually a recreation of one of Marvel’s Spider-Man’s first sequences.

Updated version of the Spider-Man intro in Dreams [GIF] from PS4

In the brief clip above, an almost claymation, puppet-looking version of the web-slinging hero leaps out of a window and runs across a fire escape, before swinging off screen. Is it the most jaw-dropping piece of art created in Dreams, thus far? That’s subjective. However, it certainly counts among some of the most impressive. The animation is smooth. Spider-Man’s movements are slick. And, for something so relatively simple, a lot takes place on screen at once, given the big city backdrop, and the two cars moving along the street below. It would be interesting to see what else this creation has to offer.

Of course, there are a whole host of other creations in Dreams Early Access that warrant praise. Recently, we highlighted a handful of them, such as the stealth experience “Solid Gears Are Metal” and “Freeride,” which allows players to take control of a hover board-riding alien.

To join in on the fun, those who are interested can participate in Dreams Early Access for $29.99. While features are subject to change throughout the course of the Early Access period, everyone who takes part should find solace in knowing their creations will transfer to the game’s full release.

Speaking of which, Media Molecule has yet to provide any hint as to when Dreams will launch in full. Since Early Access just launched, such information is bound to remain under wraps for quite some time.

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