5 Best Dreams Early Access Creations So Far

Five of the Best Dreams Early Access Creations So Far

Media Molecule’s latest game, Dreams, launched in early access on the PlayStation 4 on April 16, 2019. We here at PlayStation Lifestyle thought it was only fitting to compile a nice, neat list of the five best creations that have been made within Dreams Early Access so far. More than 35,000 things were created during the beta, and in just a few days, users continue to grow that number. The community has really created some impressive things, and I have to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised by just how creative people managed to get considering the title is only in its early access stage. Dreams is shaping up to be something special, with the only limit being your imagination. With that being said, here is our list of the five best Dreams Early Access creations so far.

Keep in mind that some of these are works-in-progress. The Early Access has only been available for three days, so there’s a lot of polish yet to come as players get a better handle on the tools available.

Best Dreams Early Access Creations So Far

Billiards (made by The_Arch1tect)

Now I know what you’re going to say, “Really!? Billiards??” My response to you would be, “Yes, billiards.” I may be old fashioned by including this one on the list, but hey, personal preferences, and I’m the one writing the list. Plus billiards is awesome. When I saw this scrolling through my Twitter feed, I knew right away that this would be going on the list. I have always been a massive fan of billiards, and as such, was quite impressed to see that a user by the name of The_Arch1tect has recreated every billiards table, from every local pub ever within Dreams Early Access. Now you can enjoy a nice game of billiards, without listening to all of the drunk patrons screaming in your ear every time you try to line up a shot. Plus, I can guarantee that the beer is cheaper at home!

Solid Gears Are Metal (made by GALX)

This next creation shown off in Youtube user The Dreamverse‘s video is a not so subtle nod to Hideo Kojima’s classic Metal Gear Solid series, complete with vision cones, crawling through tight spaces, and all the exclamation marks you could possibly need. The goal of this creation is to reach the end of the level without being detected. You need to learn the enemy movement patterns and avoid their vision cones. If not, you will kneel with your hands in the air, and restart at the last checkpoint when you are caught. It would be cool to see how far creator GALX could take this concept. Maybe they could add in stealth takedowns for players to use. More levels would also be a welcome addition to the game. The only things missing are a bandana (infinite ammo!), and a tranquilizer pistol! Snake would be proud.

Dreams of War (made by Barnacle310)

Dreams of War isn’t a game. So no, you can’t play it, but it is a beautiful homage to one of the best games that released within the last five years. It’s no secret that people love the latest installment in the God of War series, after all, it won this year’s Game of the Year award at the Game Awards. It also most recently took home five BAFTA awards, including those for Best Game, Narrative, and Music. Sony Santa Monica Studio’s official Twitter account even replied to Barnacle310’s tweet saying, “THIS IS BRILLIANT, keep going”. I have to agree with Sony Santa Monica on this one. Great work Barnacle310! I would love to see this concept grow into a playable game, but time will tell whether or not that will happen.

Freeride (made by PLASTICDUCK963)

Freeride is a game where you play as a green alien equipped with a hover board, sweet headphones, and the ability to grind on rails. The level shown off in Youtube user Project Genesis‘s video is a small skate park in which you can ride around freely and practice your hover board skills. There are plenty of rails to grind, and halfpipes to drop into, so give it a try and drop a thumbs up if you enjoyed what you played. I would love to see PLASTICDUCK963 implement a trick system, if possible, or more intricate levels for players to practice in. For now though, this is definitely a good place to start. It reminds me of Jet Set Radio, which earned it a couple of points for nostalgia. Keep up the great work PLASTICDUCK!

Prometheus – FPS Demo (made by rothniel)

For the last creation on this list I have chosen a game called Prometheus. As you can see from Youtube user TheGremlinKlown’s video, it is a first-person shooter, and I really like the style on this one. It reminds me of games like Halo with its first person perspective, and futuristic HUD on the weapons. It has multiple enemy types, which appear to be alien-like creatures. Some of them fire back at you, and some of them jump around as they try to close the gap and attack you. There are even multiple weapons, including a pistol, a shotgun, and an assault rifle. This one really stood out to me, and I’m quite impressed that someone was able to make a first person shooter within Dreams Early Access.

Dreams Early Access demonstrates only a portion of the creative potential that the game can have once it releases fully. If players worldwide have already managed to create such a diverse bunch of content in only the game’s early access stages, I am eager to see just what people will come up with as time passes. Perhaps Media Molecule will add more features into the game over time. Things like more tools for people to learn how to use, more assets for character creation, or different color palettes to choose from. All of these things would be a welcome addition and could provide players with even more possibilities when it comes to creating imaginative content.

What do you think of these creations? Have any favorites of your own? Will you be picking up a copy of Dreams while it is in early access? Let us know in the comments below!