dreams beta impressions

Our Favorite Creations Found in the Dreams Beta

After years of waiting, the long-awaited Dreams beta was finally released to the public (or at least a lucky subset of the public) back in December 2018. With it, many were able to truly get a grasp on what Dreams was. It’s one thing to see a creation straight from Media Molecule, but it’s another to have it finally out in the wild. And ever since the NDA was lifted, Dreamers from all over have been showing their creations to the world.

With the beta now officially over, we decided to highlight some of the most unique creations in the Dreamiverse. Some are well-known, while some are a bit more under the radar. This represents only a fraction of the creative genius that Dreams has spawned, but it still serves as a showcase of what it has to offer. Now, none of these projects are perfect. Animations and controls may be off, but at the same time, these were projects that were made in weeks on a platform that is yet unfamiliar to creators. With these selections, we wanted to be as widespread and diverse as possible.

And since we know that creations will carry over to the full Dreams release (as long as they’re published), it’s exciting to think about what some of these projects will turn into down the road. Unfortunately, any project involving copyrighted products has the potential to be purged (Media Molecule hasn’t been clear on how those will be handled), so there’s a chance that some creations will never see the light of day. But that doesn’t invalidate the wonder these projects have. So let’s take a trip through the Dreamiverse and see some of our favorite creations, shall we?

What were some of your favorite Dreams creations? Did we miss anything great on our list? Let us know!