Dreams Beta Users Can Finally Share Their Creations

If you were one of the lucky users who was able to get into the Dreams beta in January 2019, you may or may not have known about the NDA (non disclosure agreement) associated with it. This means the developer, Media Molecule had restricted sharing of any kind, including video, images, or streams. But now, that NDA is no longer an issue.

While one was in effect, many users neglected to follow this request. Over the past couple weeks, user-created levels were shared with the world against Media Molecule’s wishes. However on January 28, 2019, Media Molecule announced that the NDA has been lifted, allowing everyone to share their creations.

This is fantastic news for multiple reasons. Dreams has fallen victim of being in development for over six years, leading to extra spending to keep it afloat. It’s also a game that, despite being in the works for so long, hasn’t really made a splash with the community. This beta is just what the studio needs, as it’s giving them exactly the press they deserve to sell their game. Simply stating that you can create almost anything in Dreams doesn’t do it justice.

Showing someone something like a video of a user-created version of P.T., Kojima’s cancelled Silent Hills game, will generate interest. Of course, it’s important to abide by the developer and publisher’s rules, especially if they’re allowing you access to their product, even if you want to share the incredible works of art made by the talented community. NDAs are important at times. Now that this one is up, it is possible for people to share what they’ve created. Think of it as free marketing for a game that some people may not know much about.

What are some of your favorite creations from Dreams? Let us know!

[Source: Twitter]