Players Are Doing the Impossible and Adorable in the Dreams Beta

The most recent Dreams Livestream gave gamers another look into the world(s) of Dreams, highlighting different player creations featuring commentary from the team at Media Molecule. In addition to just showing off fun experiences and creative environment/character models, this stream reminded viewers that you can find a workaround for anything you want to create. It looks like Media Molecule is living up to its promise. Take a look for yourself in the video above.

Even though Dreams does not support split-screen players are already experimenting with making it happen as we saw with SplitScreen Prototype by Amchornet76 and one other player. Players are making the impossible, the adorable, and the straight-up weird happen already, and this is just the beta.

A lot was packed into this hour-plus stream but here are some of the highlights. In New Year’s Resolutions by Stacey_jb6, people could play as a cute little floof character who was tasked with making friends and holding an adorable dance party before the clock struck midnight. Visceral: Sci-Fi Horror Concept by X_Disarmed_Pro_X was made in collaboration with iBuek and rothniel. It spooked everyone with its atmospheric eeriness and underpowered main character.

Other games are less objective driven. Book of the Dragon by Tomek_Mrozinski is literally just a book of a dragon, and your only task is to unlock it and appreciate what’s inside. Likewise, Flying Car by pap1_59 is just a flying car model you can manipulate and look at it.

Some creations tried to be strange and succeeded in memorable ways. For instance, Cloudy with a Chance of Face by RabidJellyfish is a runner that features heads falling from the sky. It’s amusing and disturbing all at once. Maximum Education by Sacxsfu teaches you about the classical order of columns. It ends with a test on columns. After the test, the on-screen text tells you, “You can now use this knowledge to impress people at parties.” Then, you are suddenly in a party trying to chat up a girl using your knowledge of columns. It doesn’t go over well.

From puzzle solving to avoiding projectiles, the games made in Dreams are as diverse as the industry itself. But not everything in Dreams is a full-fledged level or game. Players can also make assets for fun and practice. And anything shared in Dreams can be remixed by other community members. For instance, Tyrannosaurus Sculpy by KlaraKatt is just a T-Rex sculpture, which was later remixed into a walking puppet. Among my personal favorite community-made Dreams characters is Bulbo Squidtash McCakehat by Aratiatia and two other players. It looks exactly what it sounds like, as it wears one extravagant hat of cake.

And of course, some creations were clearly inspired by other games such as Virus – Defend the Database by Avtar109, other, a game that’s clearly space invaders with an aesthetic twist, and WIP Souls-like V1.7.5 which is in the vein of Dark Souls and made by Morning-Nya and three other players.

During this stream, it was also stated that more batches of codes might go out, so don’t lose hope just yet if you weren’t able to join the Dreams beta.

Dreams is expected to launch sometime in 2019 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.