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Shuhei Yoshida Says Sony Has a 10-Year Vision for Dreams

Media Molecule’s Dreams has been in the Early Access phase for several months, and we don’t know when the experience will be fully released. This has led many to speculate that things aren’t going as well as the studio initially hoped. However, it seems Sony’s committed in the project for the long run. According to Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida, the publisher’s 10-year vision for Dreams means it isn’t going anywhere in the near future.

During Tokyo Game Show 2019, Yoshida sat down for an interview with PlayStation Asia. He seemed thrilled to talk about Dreams in particular, which he said counts as one of his “favorite projects ever.” In speaking on the Media Molecule title, Yoshida noted that Sony has a “10 year vision for Dreams to keep growing with the community.”

It appears the very beginnings of that vision are evident in Early Access, which Yoshida explained allows creatives to better familiarize themselves with the game’s tools. As such, the focus is on people who want to create, and much less on those who simply want to experience the creations. According to Yoshida, “that will come later.” For now, the experience on the development side of things is aimed at giving creatives the necessary tools, and garnering their feedback to continuously improve on Dreams‘ foundation.

What Sony’s witnessed, thus far, are creatives designing art, characters, game mechanics, etc., and collaborating with others to develop something more complete. This long process is being helped along by Sony, said Yoshida. It will also be instrumental as the company moves forward with its 10-year vision for Media Molecule’s latest.

Evidently included in this long-term vision is Media Molecule’s hiring development teams for content creation. The studio announced recruitment plans for Dreams back in July, though there hasn’t been an official update on the matter since then.

See Yoshida’s full interview with PlayStation Asia in the video below. The discussion on Dreams begins at the 5:30 mark:

[Source: PlayStation Asia]