Media Molecule Is Hiring Development Teams for Dreams Content Creation

Dreams appears as though it might help innovate game development in myriad ways, providing creators with relatively cheap and unique tools to bring their ideas to life. The topic on how Dreams creators could receive compensation for their work has been ongoing. Interestingly, it is something Media Molecule has considered as well. To an extent, it seems the studio may take one step in a pretty intriguing direction. Media Molecule is currently hiring contractors for small development teams. Once hired, the developers who fill out these teams will work to create games in Dreams.

The UK-based developer delved into the subject in a recent blog post, wherein those interested can also access an application. “This isn’t just normal outsourcing,” the posts reads, “it is much more about finding teams that want to collaborate with us on content for Dreams. We are a little light on requirements as this is an exploratory call out, but needless to say experience with creating in Dreams is required!”

Requirements for the contract position seem simple enough. When applying, applicants will need to showcase some of their pre-existing work, be it personal or professional. The work should be featured in a portfolio, demo, showreel, etc. And, yes, Media Molecule will accept applications featuring work created in Dreams.

Also of interest is that this call to apply is open for anyone. Industry veterans and recent newcomers are, of course, welcomed to go for it. So, too, are those with little to no experience in the games industry.

Since April, Dreams has been available on the PlayStation 4 via an Early Access program, which costs $29.99. In the past, Media Molecule stated it doesn’t want Dreams’ Early Access period to last too long. Still, as of yet, details on the game’s full on release remain under wraps.

[Source: Media Molecule Blog via VG247]