You Can Finally Save Your Custom Weapon Blueprints in Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is finally letting players save and store their custom weapon blueprints to easily select them again in Create-a-Class. Previously, players were limited by the 10 loadout slots (12 for PlayStation players), and if they selected a different gun in one of those slots, their attachment and visual customizations would be wiped out for the previous weapon. Have that perfect LC10 that hits just right at mid-range? Rocking a custom FFAR that lets you meaningfully combat someone at sniper range? Now you can save those custom configurations and visuals as their own custom blueprints.

This feature will also support the new Gunsmith Customs feature that launched last week, letting players save not only the attachment configuration, but the custom visual mix and match of unlocked and purchased blueprints. The menu can be accessed by choosing the “Custom Mods” option in Create-a-Class, which will allow players to customize, name, and save their own weapon configurations. Players will be able to save up to 10 custom blueprints per weapon to easily select again later.

Treyarch didn’t specify why it’s taken a few months to implement the ability to save your own custom blueprints in Black Ops Cold War (it’s been a feature present in Modern Warfare/Warzone), but did note in this week’s patch notes that it comes “after some final touches behind the scenes.”

With Season Three less than a week away, don’t forget that the Triple Double XP weekend is now live in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. Players will earn double experience towards player level, weapon levels, and Battle Pass tiers, so now is the perfect time (and last opportunity) to close out that Prestige for Season Two, finish off your Battle Pass, and unlock attachments on various weapons to use in your new custom gunsmith blueprints.

Activision, Raven, and Treyarch have also been hinting at something to come in Warzone on April 21st at 12pm PT. Verdansk is currently overrun by zombies and infectious areas that are turning players into zombies as well, and it seems to be leading to a live event that will close out Season Two and shift things into Season Three.

[Source: Treyarch]