Report: Footage of New Call of Duty: Warzone Cold War-era Map Leaks Via in-Production Live Action Ad, Featuring Young Thug, Gunna, Druski, and Jack Harlow

Rumors and reports abound that Call of Duty: Warzone’s Verdansk is getting set for some huge changes soon. Now footage alleged to be the new Cold War-era map has leaked thanks to an in-production live-action advertisement for Warzone’s next big iteration, featuring Young Thug, Gunna, Druski, and Jack Harlow. The original footage, which was quickly removed, showed a pre-viz concept for the advertisement, and featured images of Verdansk’s major landmarks “rewinding” to a 1980s Cold War-era appropriate theme. Multiple mirrors and images from the trailer exist, but we will not be posting any videos or stills from the leaked footage ourselves.

It’s unclear if the overall layout of Verdansk will stay the same—just back in time to the ’80s—or if this will be a whole new map altogether, though it seems to lean towards the former. One part of the footage shows the stadium revert to being under construction as it is built. The dam also changes to an aquaduct. And footage is seen of what seems to be the Duga-2 Radar Array seen in Black Ops Cold War’s Ashes to Ashes campaign mission. The existing Verdansk pulled from Modern Warfare locations and maps, and it looks like the reported new map will do the same for Black Ops Cold War.

However, previous reports also indicated that the various large-scale Fireteam maps from Black Ops Cold War would be puzzle-pieced together to make the new map in the Ural Mountains, though this new leak seems to indicate that won’t be the case, if the new map is just an 1980s version of Verdansk. We’ll have to wait for official reveal from Activision to know more, and that likely won’t happen until much closer to the reported April 22nd event.

VGC says that it can confirm the leaked video as legitimate footage of the new map, and further says it understands the transition will take place at the end of Season Two with an in-game event that will provide narrative justification for the map change around April 22. The map change is said to take inspiration from how Fortnite has used big events to change up its map and Seasons, while also pulling from what Warzone itself did with the Black Ops Cold War reveal.

VGC said the map revamp was supposed to happen closer to Black Ops Cold War’s launch in November, but was pushed back closer to Warzone’s one-year anniversary for a variety of reasons.

Other recent Call of Duty reports and leaks say that Call of Duty 2021 is the Sledgehammer developed Call of Duty WWII Vanguard, with multiple sources backing up claims that this year’s game is headed back to World War II and is being built on the Modern Warfare engine.

[Via: VGC]