Call of Duty Warzone Zombie Plague

Call of Duty: Warzone Leak Suggests Casual Sandbox and Zombie Plague Modes May Be on Their Way

A new Call of Duty: Warzone season always presents an opportunity for data miners who comb through the new code looking for clues for upcoming content. The beginning of Season Two is no different. As spotted by PC Gamer, a Twitter user by the name of @ZestyCODLeaks has gotten hold of some leaked voice lines hidden within the most recent update that hint at a casual sandbox mode, which could be planned for the game in the future.

In a video that has since been removed due to a DMCA strike from Activision, the narration mentions a vast area with activities to explore. These activities include a team-based competitive control point type of game, time trials, obstacle courses, vehicle races, helicopter activities, a “shooting course,” and a “floor-is-lava-type parkour activity.” There will also be safe zones where players will be unable to use their weapons. The sandbox mode could be a temporary addition like Modern Warfare‘s Games of Summer event, or it could be a permanent area in which players can chill with friends in between matches and practice their skills. Fortnite recently added a similar map feature that is more casual.

The audio lines also reference a Zombies “Plague” mode, which is likely hinting at events currently happening on the Verdansk map. The lines claim “Verdansk is overrun” and that players must “avoid the plague.” Zombies are already starting to escape from a containment zone by the shipwreck and it won’t be long before the invasion spreads. The main aim of the mode is believed to be to reach the exfiltration site while dispatching plenty of zombies along the way.

Apparently it will also be players’ “last chance to save Verdansk,” which ties in to rumors that Season Two will be Verdansk’s last season. Season Two introduced computer terminals in four underground nuclear missile siloes. The progress bar on the monitors is only at 5% complete right now, but many players believe this will increase as zombies continue to invade the map. Once the progress bar is completely filled, the missiles will be fired and the map destroyed in order to contain the outbreak. Verdansk is rumored to be making way for another map based on the Black Ops franchise and set in the ’80s.

Season Two has so far been quite successful for both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, with some internet service providers reporting their busiest days on record when the update was released. With smaller updates and playlist changes due to happen throughout the season, such as the recent high-resolution texture pack, only time will tell what is in store for new game modes and the future of Verdansk.

[Source: Twitter via PC Gamer]