Call of Duty: Warzone’s Verdansk Map Has Been Nuked, More to Come Tomorrow, April 22

After a nuclear missile was called in to eradicate the growing zombie outbreak, Call of Duty: Warzone’s Verdansk map is no more. Today’s live event, aptly titled “The Destruction of Verdansk Part 1,” saw players simply trying to survive and ward off the hordes of zombies that flooded the map. In the end, exfil was impossible, and a nuke obliterated Verdansk as we know it. But what’s coming next?

The Destruction of Verdansk Warzone Nuke Event

Right now, players are left playing various modes—Resurgence Quads, Mini Royale Duos, and King Slayer Trios—on a nighttime version of the Rebirth Island map set 15 minutes after Verdansk was nuked. Verdansk is nowhere to be found—unless you look to the horizon, that is. The glowing mushroom cloud can still be seen in the distance, across the ocean. Warzone isn’t playing around. The message here is pretty clear. Verdansk is gone.

The Destruction of Verdansk Part 1 event was initially besieged by server issues as players crammed in to see what was happening in Warzone. Players who managed to get in found themselves dropping into Verdansk serenaded by the Zombies menu music from Black Ops Cold War. The goal was to survive, but the efforts were fruitless. Whether you made it to the end as a living breathing human or a newly minted member of the horde, the end result was the same. No escape. No survival. Complete eradication.

But how does a nuked Verdansk lead into whatever comes next? Is Rebirth Island’s new nighttime version the new replacement for the sprawling landscape of Verdansk? It’s unlikely, since there seem to be a few more steps to this event.

The above tweet from the Call of Duty account outlines what to expect next. Right now we’re in the “seek safety from Verdansk” portion. This is the unlocked nighttime Rebirth Island modes, complete with a new point of interest called Control Center where the Construction used to be. Players are already scouring the map for clues, including an Easter egg where glowing letters in the locations over Rebirth spell out “Rebirth From Ash.”

9pm PT tonight is when players can finally install the Warzone Season Three update—as well as when Black Ops Cold War Season Three goes live. It seems that this update will add something to “investigate” on Rebirth Island, though it’s unclear if this will be the official “Part 2” of Destruction of Verdansk.

Finally, they tell players to return to Rebirth Island once again tomorrow, April 22, at 12pm PT for “updated instructions,” which seems to be where we’ll officially learn more about what’s to come next. Season Three is also formally scheduled to kick off tomorrow, April 22nd.

Most notably, we know that Season Three will tie into the ongoing Black Ops Cold War narrative, and that Adler is being held in Verdansk. An event called “Hunt for Adler” will go live across both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone in Season Three, but so far the threads between the zombie outbreak/nuclear event and Adler’s kidnapping aren’t quite lining up. However, it looks like it won’t be too much longer until we learn more and kick off a whole new Warzone now that the Verdansk map as we know it has been completely razed.

Did you get to experience the Destruction of Verdansk event in Warzone today? What do you think investigations on Rebirth Island and tomorrow’s “updated instructions” will bring?