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Knockout City Releases Day One in EA Play, Deluxe Edition Revealed

After a hugely successful open beta, EA has revealed extra ways players can access Knockout City on its day of release. The game will be available in their EA Play subscription service from day one. Those who would rather splash a bit more cash can instead pluck for the newly revealed Deluxe Edition.

Players who have an EA Play membership will be able to play the game for no extra charge from its day of release on May 21. Those who then choose to purchase the standard edition of the game anyway can do so with a 10% discount on its usual price of $19.99. Alternatively there’s the Deluxe Edition of the game too, available for an extra $9.99 for both EA Play subscribers and players who don’t have a subscription. The Deluxe Edition includes:

  • Epic Outfit: High Fidelity
  • Epic Crew Vehicle: Convertible – Black and Gold
  • 3 Epic Crew Logos: Ninja Strike, Record Scratched, Crazy Eye
  • 3 Epic Crew Banners: High-End, Kintsugi, Strata
  • 1,000 Holobux

The game’s recent cross-play beta was downloaded more than 1 million times after the publisher decided to go for an open beta rather than its previously planned closed beta. In total players racked up 116 million minutes played and more than 63 million KOs. They completed more than 4 million contracts. To celebrate this, the team at Velan Studios has put together a new trailer with some of the best moments from the beta, all with commentary from the game’s local lunar DJ.

Knockout City will launch on May 21 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 through backwards compatibility. If you want to try before you buy but missed the beta and don’t have an EA Play membership, there will be a free trial at launch that allows players access to the game for a limited (but as yet unspecified) period of time. Those who purchase the game through the free trial period will get additional cosmetic rewards and will be able to carry their progress over to the full game.

[Source: EA]