Blizzard Will Make Overwatch 2 PvP as ‘Compelling’ as It Possibly Can, Says New Director Aaron Keller

Overwatch 2‘s new director Aaron Keller has said that he is “very focused” on the player-versus-player aspect of the upcoming title, and plans to make it “as compelling as we possibly can.”

During a lengthy interview with GameSpot, Keller said that there are 60 million players that enjoy Overwatch‘s PvP and while Blizzard Entertainment is spending a lot of time discussing hero missions and the single-player campaign, PvP is just as important for the studio.

I think for me, Overwatch 2… there are two halves to it, and I know we’ve spent a lot of time talking about what the PvE side of the game is with our hero missions and our campaign and the progression system that drives all of it. But the other side of the game is just as important, if not more important, and that’s the PvP side of the game. We have 60 million players that love that side of the game and are attached to that side of the game. We know, going forward, we have to make the next best version of a team-based shooter. So to me, yes there is this PvE side of Overwatch 2 but I am very focused on the PvP side of the game and I want to make that as compelling as we possibly can.

Elsewhere in the interview, Keller was asked about Jeff Kaplan’s departure and how it impacted the team considering he was the face of Overwatch since the very beginning. Keller admitted to there being a “Jeff-shaped hole” in the team, but added that the rest of the development team is more or less the same.

“The Overwatch team is still comprised of the same incredibly talented people that have built the original game and have continued to bring it forward,” he said.

Kaplan announced his departure from Blizzard in late April after nearly two decades of service, both concerning and surprising Overwatch players.

[Source: GameSpot]