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Knockout City Hits 2 Million Players in Four Days, Season One Welcomes Players to Knockout City Today

Knockout City has reached a milestone of 2 million players within its first four days of release. It’s a great milestone to have reached just before the start of Season One today, which brings a host of new content with a “Welcome to Knockout City” theme.

The high figure will no doubt have been helped by players trying out the game through the free Block Party Event that runs for another five days. The free trial is available for anyone on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch and allows access to all of the game’s features during the Block Party. Any progress players make during the trial is carried over when they purchase the full game. Those who decide to purchase the full version of the game during the event will get a bonus Block Party Bundle that includes a variety of Epic items: Cyber Spike outfit, Locked Horns hairstyle, LED the Way glasses, Mach 1 glider, Calling In Reinforcements intro pose, By the Horns KO effect, three player icons, and 500 Holobux to spend in game.

As well as the free trial, the event included ten days of tournaments and unique Block Party contracts to complete across four different playlists: Team KO, Diamond Dash, Party Team KO, and Face-Off. Those who manage to complete the contracts will unlock unique cosmetics and Seasonal XP boosts.

Today is the start of Season One and the “Welcome to Knockout City” theme. The game gets a brand new Jukebox Junction map that has a train running right through the middle. New weekly Crew Contracts will give rewards like XP, but those who complete them all will get Crew XP Boosts that will last the entire season. The new Ball-Up Brawl playlist is a 4v4 mode without dodgeballs. Instead players have to grab their team mates and throw them at the opposition, or alternatively throw the opposition off the map. There will also be season contracts, League Play, and new advanced abilities training available today.

Seven more playlists will follow throughout the season with playlists rotated every week. Those who want to try out the new season but don’t own the game yet can do so through the free trial that’s running until 5am PT/8am ET on May 30.

Still on the fence about Knockout City? Check out our review, which praised the game’s unique mechanics. After the free trial is over, Knockout City costs just $19.99 with free seasonal content coming regularly.

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