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Hideo Kojima Has Changed How He Thinks and Creates in Light of the Pandemic

Kojima Productions boss Hideo Kojima has said that he’s rethinking his creative process in light of Covid-19.

During an interview with Geoff Keighley yesterday, Kojima said that in the past, he would imagine what the world would look like 10-20 years from now, and add an element of entertainment to his imagination in order to create a game. However, Death Stranding turned out to be too close to reality as the pandemic ravaged the world shortly after the game’s release. As a result, he was compelled to change the way he thinks and creates.

Kojima said (transcript via IGN):

In the past, about creating things, I was always thinking about what could happen in society in 5, 10, or 20 years. It was like predicting the future and adding the entertainment essence. And that’s how I always created. But this time, [the pandemic] came much too soon. The reality came much too soon, especially on Death Stranding. So I’ve changed how I think and create now.

But since the era is catching up so quickly, it’s not really just fiction anymore, so I’ve been re-thinking my creative process. I guess all creators are thinking the same way. It’s almost similar to what happened after 9/11, considering which direction we should go as entertainment. I think that this is a big assignment for us.

When asked about his next project, Kojima didn’t reveal anything, but did say that “it won’t be like the past, it won’t be one step at a time.”

Kojima Productions announced Death Stranding Director’s Cut for the PS5 yesterday.

[Source: IGN]