blue box game studios abandoned real time trailers ps5 app delayed

BLUE BOX Game Studios ‘Abandoned’ Real-Time Trailers PS5 App Delayed to August

Today won’t be the day eager players get to learn more about whatever BLUE BOX Game Studios has up its sleeve. The “Abandoned” real-time trailers PS5 app has been delayed until sometime in August. Game Director Hasan Kahraman took to Twitter to reveal news of the delay in another video, thanking eager fans for their patience and support.

“The last few weeks was really stressful to us,”Kahraman says, referring to the unending conspiracy theories that BLUE BOX and “Abandoned” are secretly a ruse for Hideo Kojima working on Silent Hill. “The team is very tired.” Even after repeatedly trying to debunk the conspiracies surrounding the studio and the game, some people just won’t let it go, convinced that every move the studio makes is somehow some master Kojima play (spoilers: it’s not).

“We were hoping to release the app today. And I know that a lot of you have been looking forward to it, so thank you very much for that. I really appreciate that,” Kahraman continues. “However, I’ve decided to delay the app until August. That is when the first trailer will also be released.”Kahraman doesn’t give any further details about when in August he expects the app to release.

“We just wanted to give you a solid first impression of the game. Right now the app isn’t quite there yet. We just wanted to have it meet our own expectations first,” he says of the delay. “There were also last minute bugs that we had to deal with. The localization isn’t fully completed yet. I hope you understand. I’m sorry for this, and I thank you for your support.”

The “Abandoned” real time trailers PS5 app is supposed to show off the upcoming BLUE BOX game running in real-time on the PS5 hardware in an attempt to give players a better idea of exactly how the survival horror game will look on their consoles. Originally it was supposed to release on June 22nd, before shifting to today, June 25th. Now we won’t see it until an unspecified date in August.

BLUE BOX Game Studios has been at the center of a massive conspiracy speculating that they are Hideo Kojima masquerading as a fake company and their game, Abandoned, is actually Silent Hill. The theory picked up steam because of previous ongoing rumors that Kojima was working on Silent Hill, and a number of coincidences seemed to make the puzzle pieces fit. However, BLUE BOX has regularly and routinely debunked these theories, and digging into the history of the studio pokes a lot of holes into this conspiracy, to the point where it can’t really hold any water. Still, many continue to cling to the idea that this is Kojima, no matter how absurd and twisted their logic has to get to justify it.

Much more likely is that this is simply someone who has overpromised and underdelivered. We’d been hoping that today would finally shed some more light on the situation, but the delay seems to prove (yet again) that this isn’t some masterful Kojima plot. Rather it’s somebody that’s in a little bit over their head with all of this.

BLUE BOX Game Studios’ Abandoned real-time trailers PS5 app will now release sometime in August.