Abandoned Trailer App Delayed

BLUE BOX Game Studios’ ‘Abandoned’ Realtime Trailer App Delayed Three Days Due to ‘Localization Issues’

In another series of strange happenings surrounding the conspiracy-riddled BLUE BOX Game Studios and “Abandoned,” the real-time trailer app for the upcoming PS5 exclusive horror title has been delayed for three days due to “localization” issues. The studio announced the delay from its original June 22nd release via Twitter, stating that it would instead launch on Friday, June 25, 2021.


Abandoned has been at the center of quite a few conspiracy theories lately. The main one has people thinking that the game is in fact the next Silent Hill, and that Hideo Kojima is secretly developing and marketing under the fake BLUE BOX Game Studios name. One of the biggest reasons behind this theory was the fact that BLUE BOX Game Studios—an unknown studio with practically zero launched games—was somehow able to get a press release through the PlayStation Blog and is releasing an exclusive PS5 realtime trailers app, the likes of which hasn’t been seen before. This is among numerous other hints that both BLUE BOX and Abandoned aren’t what they seem.

The real-time rendered trailer app—the first of its kind for the PS5—will reportedly show off Abandoned as it will appear on the console, bypassing the limitations of video compression. In addition to this, the above tweet mentions that the app will “kick off with an introduction to get you introduced with its purpose”. Additional comments from the developer hint that we may not even get the game’s first trailer when the app launched on Friday. The game’s story will allegedly follow Jason Longfield after he arrives in a remote forest with no memory of how he got there, if that is indeed the game they are even making.

In other strange news, BLUE BOX held a community quiz on Twitter, where it asked users to guess what the “BLUE” in BLUE BOX Game Studios stood for. The correct answer was “Best Level User Experience”, and the first people  to guess the answer would allegedly and eventually be sent an alpha version of the game. The official account also confirmed that the supposedly indie studio has “50+ people working” on the title, including internal employees and, oddly, more than seven “outsourcing studios and freelancers.”

If you’re interested in reading more about the strange coincidences and weird conspiracies behind BLUE BOX Game Studios and Abandoned, we’ve written a detailed list of all possible connections and hints that BLUE BOX Game Studios is not what it appears to be.

[Source: TheGamer]