Abandoned Realtime Trailers App

Abandoned Will Get Its Own PS5 Realtime Trailers App Later This Month to Showcase the Game Uncompressed on the Console

Revealed at the start of April, Blue Box Studios’ upcoming title Abandoned is a cinematic first-person survival horror shooter. There was a brief announcement teaser trailer shown at the time with promises of a full gameplay video to become available soon. Those wanting to view that video will want to consider downloading the Abandoned Realtime Trailers PS5 app that will become available later this month.

The app will allow players to view all trailers and gameplay reveals in realtime on their PlayStation 5 console. Doing this will also show off the game as it will actually appear on the console, essentially becoming a non-playable demo. This will avoid the limitations of compression on most video sharing sites, as well as shutting down all accusations of using footage recorded on other hardware such as high-end PCs. The app will be available to download on June 20, indicating the first gameplay video will be arriving soon after.

Abandoned tells the story of Jason Longfield, who was kidnapped and taken to a remote forest for a “dark purpose”. When he wakes up, he finds himself alone and seemingly abandoned with no recollection of how he got to the forest. He needs to get to a place of safety but that’s easier said than done. The open world will be full of dangers, but players will have to weigh up the benefits of staying hidden or taking out each threat. Jason is nervous and this will affect his accuracy. Firing weapons is “realistically slow” and each shot must be planned carefully.

The game will be coming exclusively to PS5 towards the end of 2021. This allows the game to use high quality motion capture footage and a realistic environmental quality. All of this will be presented at 60fps in native 4K resolution, all with minimal loading screens and 3D audio. The DualSense controller’s haptic features will provide feedback for every interaction (such as being hit by a bullet) while the adaptive triggers will make loaded and unloaded weapons feel different.

[Source: Twitter]