Back 4 Blood trophy list

Back 4 Blood Trophy List Requires the Death of Many Ridden, Lots of Teamwork, and Hidden Secrets

Back 4 Blood isn’t due to be released until next month, but the trophy list has already appeared on Exophase to give players clues as to what they’ll need to do to get that coveted Platinum. The list will require players to kill a lot of Ridden, work together as a team to overcome specific challenges, and even find hidden secrets on several of the game’s maps.

There are 56 trophies in the Back 4 Blood Trophy list, including a Platinum trophy. One of the trophies is a reference to one of Turtle Rock Studios’ previous zombie co-op survival games, Left 4 Dead, requiring players to kill a massive 53,600 Ridden. Why that number? Well, the Xbox-exclusive Left 4 Dead had an achievement that required players to kill 53,595 zombies. This was itself was a reference to an achievement in Dead Rising that asked players to kill 53,594 zombies, the population of that game’s city, Willamette.

Other trophies in Back 4 Blood will require players to finish the maps on Nightmare difficulty, kill specialist Ridden in specific ways, help out teammates, and find secrets in many of the maps. There are also specific challenges that will take planning and tight teamwork, such as getting through a map without killing a single Ridden. You can check out the full list of trophies below—as a note, there are no Silver trophies.

Back 4 Blood Trophy List

Back 4 Blood Platinum Trophy

  • All Cleaned Up – Earn all other Trophies in Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood Gold Trophies

  • Act 4 Recruit – Complete Act 4 on Recruit difficulty or higher
  • Act 4 Veteran – Complete Act 4 on Veteran difficulty or higher
  • Act 4 Cleaner – Complete Act 4 on Nightmare difficulty

Back 4 Blood Bronze Trophies

  • Welxome to the Apocalypse – Good luck out there, you’re gunna need it.
  • Paid the Toll – Complete The Devil’s Return
  • This Round’s On Me – Complete Search and Rescue
  • Breakfast Can Wait – Complete The Dark Before the Dawn
  • Enemy of Mine – Complete Blue Dog Hollow
  • Act 1 Recruit – Complete all Act 1 maps on Recruit difficulty or higher
  • Act 1 Veteran – Complete all Act 1 maps on Veteran difficulty or higher
  • Act 1 Cleaner – Complete all Act 1 maps on Nightmare difficulty
  • Bob’s Your Uncle – Complete The Armory
  • Down the Drain – Complete Plan B
  • Of Biblical Proportions – Complete Job 10:22
  • Act 2 Recruit – Complete all Act 2 maps on Recruit difficulty or higher
  • Act 2 Veteran – Complete all Act 2 maps on Veteran difficulty or higher
  • Act 2 Cleaner – Complete all Act 2 maps on Nightmare difficulty
  • Dont’ You Eat My Neighbor – Complete Dr. Rogers’ Neighborhood
  • Paved With Good Intestines – Complete Remnants
  • Act 3 Recruit – Complete all Act 3 maps on Recruit difficulty or higher
  • Act 3 Veteran – Complete all Act 3 maps on Veteran difficulty or higher
  • Act 3 Cleaner – Complete all act 3 maps on Nightmare difficulty
  • Snitches Get Stitches – Kill a Snitch without it alerting the horde.
  • Good Riddence! – Kill 53,600 Ridden over your career.
  • Breakfast – Kill a Breaker after removing all of its armor.
  • Jugger-Not – Make a Breaker hurt itself.
  • Brute Force – Kill an Ogre with the howitzer.
  • No Time for a Nap – Revive a fallen teammate.
  • Hippocrates Would be Proud – Heal a teammate.
  • Share the Load – Drop some ammo for a teammate.
  • Don’t Ask… – Rescue a teammate from a cocoon.
  • Cleanup Crew – Complete a mission without any players being incapacitated or killed.
  • Expanding the Arsenal – Spend your first Supply Point.
  • Grateful Eight – Complete a mission with each Cleaner.
  • Squad Up – Form a party in Fort Hope.
  • Apocalypse Pacifist – Complete a map without any players on the team killing a single Ridden.
  • Dead Quiet – Complete a map without ever triggering a horde from Reekers, Birds, Snitches, or alarms.
  • Stacked Deck – Have at least 25 cards in play at once.
  • Jukebox Hero – Defend the jukebox in Bar Room Blitz without it breaking.
  • Nemesis – Safely descend the ladder in the construction zone in Resurgence.
  • Swarmed – Win a game in Swarm Mode.
  • Brought a Knife to a Gunfight – Complete a level while getting at least 50 kills with melee weapons.
  • Smörgåsbord – Kill at least one of each non-boss Mutation.
  • Down, But Not Out – Kill 15 enemies while downed.
  • A Humerus Weapon – Kill 10 Ridden with Bob’s Arm.
  • Port Man Toe? – Find the secret in The Devil’s Return.
  • Bell Hop – Find the secret in Search & Rescue.
  • Pallet Cleanser – Find the secret in The Dark Before the Dawn.
  • Easily Mist – Find the secret in Blue Dog Hollow.
  • Cooped Up – Find the secret in The Armory.
  • Dangerous To Go Alone – Find the secret in Plan B.
  • Cryptozoologist – Find the secret in Job 10:22.
  • Night of the Living Hedge – Find the secret in Dr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.
  • Extra Credit – Find the secret in Remnants.
  • Mind Your Step – Find the secret in The Abomination.

Back 4 Blood releases on October 12, 2021.

[Source: Exophase]