Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Trophy List partial

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Partial Trophy List Hides Story Secrets But Reveals Many Ways to Kill Enemies

Eidos Montreal has revealed a partial trophy list for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. They decided not to announce the unmissable and story-related trophies to avoid spoilers for those wanting to go in blind, but the trophies they did reveal show plenty of different ways to dispatch enemies.

The partial trophy list details 34 different trophies, including the Platinum. In addition to the below, there will be 25 unmissable and secret story-related trophies that aren’t included in this list, meaning Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will have a total of 59 trophies including Platinum. While the Platinum trophy value is fairly easy to work out, none of the other trophies have values attached to them, so we don’t yet know if they’re Bronze, Silver, or Gold. You can get a glimpse of the collectibles, outfits, and the many different ways to dispatch enemies in the partial list below.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Trophy List – (No Spoilers)

  • This is What We Do – Obtain every trophy
  • Self-improvement – Purchase your first Star-Lord Ability
  • Dynamic Team – Invest in at least one Special Ability for Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot
  • Fully Loaded – Invest in all Special Abilities for all Companions
  • Flash Freeze – Acquire the Ice Element for Star-Lord’s blasters
  • Shock and Awe – Acquire the Lightning Element for Star-Lord’s blasters
  • Fan Friction – Acquire the Wind Element for Star-Lord’s blasters
  • Lava Launcher – Acquire the Plasma Element for Star-Lord’s blasters
  • Pick Me Up – Revive a fallen team member
  • Stagger Swagger – Stagger 25 enemies
  • No Way, Nova Corps – Interrupt a Nova Centurion with Gamora’s Call to Action
  • Slakebuster – Interrupt a Slakebeast with Drax’s Call to Action
  • Groot Canal – Interrupt a Charger with Groot’s Call to Action
  • Drax the Dismemberer – Dismember an Inquisitor with Drax’s Call to Action
  • Unstoppable Force – Attain the maximum possible Momentum 10 times
  • The Crowd Goes Wild – Execute a Flair Attack 10 times
  • Set ’em Up, Knock ’em Down – Defeat 15 Staggered enemies with a Charged Shot
  • Bullet Hell – Defeat 15 enemies with Star-Lord’s Fan the Hammer ability
  • Adding Injury to Insult – Defeat 10 enemies affected by Drax’s Wrath of Katath ability
  • Trained to Perfection – Defeat 10 enemies with Gamora’s Executioner ability
  • Boom Show – Defeat 20 enemies with Rocket’s Five Barrel Barrage
  • Herbal Remedy – Revive or Heal Companions 10 times with Groot’s Gift of the Florae
  • Altitude Adjustment – Defeat 20 enemies with Star-Lord’s Eye of the Hurricane
  • Killer Friendship – Execute an Auto-Combo with Gamora
  • Katathian Handshake – Execute an Auto-Combo with Drax
  • Aim Assist – Execute an Auto-Combo with Rocket
  • Timber! – Execute an Auto-Combo with Groot
  • Thoughtful Captain – Find half of the Guardian Collectibles
  • Managerial Skills – Find all of the Guardian Collectibles for one Guardian
  • Like a Glove! – Find and equip one Outfit
  • Fashion Passion – Find and equip all Outfits
  • Lore Hoarder – Collect 65% of all Quillopedia entries of each category
  • Galactic Frugality – Pay your Nova Corps fine
  • Eat It, Rodent – Win the bet against Rocket

The developer insists all of the trophies can be gained regardless of the accessibility settings or the difficulty players will be using. As well as different audio and language settings, the game comes with three preset difficulties and the ability to customize the difficulty using a variety of different options. There are many different accessibility settings too, all of which can be seen below.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Accessibility Settings

Controls (Gamepad)

  • Guardians Mode Input Type – Hold/Press
  • Star-Lord’s Abilities Input Type – Hold/Press
  • Vibration – On/Off
  • Invert X/Y Axis (Default + Spaceship) – On/Off
  • Invert Stick (Spaceship) – On/Off
  • X/Y Axis Sensitivity – Sliders


  • Volume Adjustments (Master, Sound Effects, Voice, Music) – Sliders
  • Licensed Audio– On/Off. This option removes all copyrighted musical contents and replaces it with alternatives in some instances.
  • Customizable Speaker Configuration – allows players to select the best-suited profile of audio configuration for their needs.
  • Mono Speaker Configuration – allows players to have all audio directed towards a single channel.
  • Loud Volume– Slider. Adjust the highest playback level of the loudest sounds to help minimize sudden peaks in soundscape.
  • EQ Presets – This feature aims to support players that desire to adjust specific frequencies. For example, players that suffer from tinnitus or that are sensitive to specific sounds can lower the presence of these problematic frequencies by selecting a fitting profile.
  • Focus Mix – On/Off. Allows players to experience the game with a stronger emphasis placed on the narrative and gameplay related elements of the soundscape.


  • Subtitles – On/Off
  • Overheard Subtitles – On/Off
  • Closed Captions – On/Off
  • Show Character Name – On/Off
  • Subtitle Size – Very Small to Very Large
  • Letter Spacing – Slider
  • Force Bold Text – On/Off
  • Enable Background – On/Off
  • Invert Background Color – On/Off
  • Background Opacity – Slider

Difficulty Settings

On top of the usual presets, we’ve made it possible for players to independently adjust many sub-options for difficulty.

  • Easy – You got this
  • Intended – You got this, probably
  • Hard – You don’t got this
  • Custom – I do it my way

Sub-categories of difficulty settings

  • Guardians Mode Slowdown – Slider. This value represents how much time is slowed down when you are in Guardians mode. The higher the value, the greater the slow down. 1 represents a complete pause, while 0 is no slow down at all.
  • Damage Dealt – Very Low to Very High. The higher this setting, the more damage Star-Lord deals to enemies.
  • Guardians Cooldown Duration – Slider. This multiplier affects the cooldown on each Guardian’s abilities. Increasing this value will give more weight to your decisions and demand more planning on your part.
  • Huddle Auto-Win – On/Off. If this setting is turned on, you will not be presented with a choice wheel during the Huddle sequences, and the correct answer will be automatically selected.
  • Cost of Elemental Shots – Slider. This multiplier affects how much Elemental Ammo an Elemental Shot costs. Increasing this value will make your Elemental Shots more valuable and require more planning on your part.
  • Damage Received – Very Low to Very High. The higher this setting, the more damage Star-Lord and the Guardians receive from enemies.
  • Shield Regeneration – Very Low to Very High. This setting determines how long after taking damage Star-Lord’s shield will begin to regenerate, as well as the rate of regeneration, and the extent of damage taken, while the shield is depleted.
  • Death Event Timer – Easy to Hardcore. The amount of time an ally is in danger before they become overwhelmed.
  • Vulnerability Timer – Slider. The length of time that an enemy retains the vulnerabilities applied by abilities.
  • Death Gate – Very Easy to Very Hard. The number of times a player needs to be hit before dying after reaching 0 HP, as well as the length of time a player is in danger before they recover.
  • Objects Outline – On/Off. If this setting is turned Off, the white outline around objects interactable by the Guardians is turned off. More observation will be required, and a regular use of your visor to identify opportunities for interactions.
  • Compass System – On/Off. If this setting is turned off, the Compass system normally shown in the visor will be disabled. Less indications on your next destination will require more exploration.
  • Hints System – Instant to None. The Hints system delivers hints when it detects you have been stuck on a step for too long. The lower the setting, the more rapidly hints will be delivered. The system can also be turned off entirely.

Accessibility Menu

Target Lock Options

  • Disable Target Lock Break – On/Off
  • Target Lock Break Delay – Slider
  • Aiming Lock Break Stick Deadzone – Slider
  • Enable Lock Target Switching – On/Off
  • Elemental Lock Situation – Always to Never
  • Initial Target Lock Range – Slider
  • Automatic Target Lock range – On/Off
  • Auto Lock on Next Target – On/Off

Target Switching Options

  • Target Switching Initial Delay – Slider
  • Target Switching Repeat Delay – Slider
  • Target Switching Stick Deadzone – Slider

Other Options

  • Auto-Win Quick Time Events – On/Off
  • Objective Log Display Timer – Slider
  • Exploration Dot – On/Off
  • Exploration Dot Transparency – Slider

Square Enix promises they’re also looking at adding “a few more features” after Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has launched on October 26.

[Source: Twitter, Guardians of the Galaxy]