Death Stranding Director's Cut PC

Leak: Death Stranding Director’s Cut Heading to PC, Will Look Better Than Ever

Death Stranding Director’s Cut will reportedly head to PC sometime in the near future. Alongside various other video game companies such as PUBG Studios and Ubisoft, 505 Games is apparently going to utilize Intel’s new AI-driven upscaling technology with the new PC release.

Death Stranding PC release confirmed?

The information comes from Intel’s leaked press release. If true, the press release should be publicly revealed tomorrow as part of the annual CES 2022 tech conference. The press release primarily revolves around Intel implementing new Arc GPUs in desktop PCs and mobile devices.

Notably, it also mentions that Intel is partnering with several companies in the video game industry. These partnerships will see the implementation of Intel’s XeSS (Xe Super Sampling) technology in various upcoming titles. The new technology is considered a competitor to NVidia’s DLSS, which similarly uses a neural network to upscale images in video games. A notable difference is that XeSS will apparently be open-source.

Technobabble aside, developers at 505 Games will be exclusively implementing the new XeSS tech into Death Stranding Director’s Cut on PC. This confirms the massive NVidia GeForce Now leak from last year, in which the game appeared alongside other now-confirmed PC ports like God of War.

In addition to 505 Games, Intel is also reportedly partnering with Kojima Productions, as well as other studios such as DiRT series creators Codemasters, Illfonic, PUBG Studios, Dying Light‘s Techland, and Ubisoft. If anything, these new partnerships will likely see even greater graphical fidelity and perfomance on PCs, and possibly consoles in the future.

In other news, the PSVR 2 is allegedly set to enter into mass production soon. It was also recently revealed that BioShock creator Ken Levine’s game has been delayed for another two years.

[Source: Videocardz]