Persona 6 PlayStation 5 Exclusive

Rumor: Persona 6 Will Be a PlayStation 5 Exclusive

The Persona series has become one of the most popular RPG series in recent years, most recently with the critically acclaimed Persona 5 and subsequent Persona 5 Royal. While developer Atlus has already confirmed that they are working on a sequel title, new rumors indicate that Persona 6 might be a PS5 exclusive game. This is of particular note as Persona 5 was initially released for the PS3 and PS4 back in 2016.

A Persona Game for the Next Generation

The information comes from known Persona leaker and YouTuber NatetheHate, who reveals some key information about the series’ future. Specifically, NatetheHate mentions that it is likely the Persona 6 announcement will happen sometime during the ongoing 25th-anniversary celebration of the Persona series. In addition to Persona 6‘s PlayStation exclusivity, the leaker also claims that Persona 4 Golden will also come to PlayStation consoles and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2022.

Back in 2021, developer Atlus already revealed that it was recruiting developers to work on a sequel to Persona 5. As the company is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the series, it has also outlined several important announcements over the coming months. Over the past year, it has already revealed various merchandise and ports of past Persona titles. It also recently released Shin Megami Tensei V — another one of their prominent RPG franchises — to critical acclaim.

In other news, Sony released a top 20 list of the most downloaded PlayStation games of 2021. The new Bioshock currently in development is also said to be “surprising but unsurprising” in equal parts.

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