hori ps5 controller

New HORI PS5 Controller and Fighting Stick Announced

Peripheral manufacturer HORI and Sony have announced a new PS5 controller and fighting stick, both of which will be available soon. Upon release, the Fighting Commander OCTA controller will cost $59.99 and the Fighting Stick a will cost $199.99.

HORI Fighting Commander OCTA PS5 Controller

HORI boasts the industry’s “best” D-pad, user-friendly six-button layout, and improved ergonomics. The OCTA PS5 controller features micro switch buttons, headset jack, audio controls, and adjustable D-pad sensitivity. There are also a host of customization options available for players via a companion app. The OCTA is a wired controller that eliminates input lag.

HORI PS5 Fighting Stick a

The PS5 Fighting Stick a is specifically designed for use in tournaments. The stick can be opened up, allowing players to access its parts for customization and maintenance. It uses HORI’s Hayabusa lever and matte finished buttons, features audio and mic controls, and replaceable artwork. Additionally, the stick allows players to create up to four custom profiles via its companion app, and it takes one button to switch between profiles on the go.

In other news, rumor has it that a major third-party PlayStation exclusive will be unveiled this year (fingers crossed), and folks in Europe who still haven’t managed to snag a PS5 can sign up on PlayStation Direct for a chance to purchase one directly from Sony. Take that, scalpers!