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PlayStation London Studio Ramping up Recruitment for PS5 Multiplayer Game

PlayStation’s London Studio has been ramping up recruitment efforts for its unannounced PS5 multiplayer game. While we’ve known for a while that London Studio is working on a multiplayer project for the next-gen console, details have been kept tightly under wraps with the exception of some tidbits of information that fans scraped from job descriptions.

Nevertheless, the latest round of hirings suggests that London Studio is ready to fire on all cylinders and speed up development.

What we know about London Studio’s PS5 multiplayer game

Going by previously-seen job descriptions, the mystery PS5 game may feature procedural worlds and content.

“Use your knowledge of procedural content generation to help deliver efficient, iterative pipelines for generating AAA Environment Art, Materials, and other Art content,” read a job description for a Procedural Technical Artist back in October. The advertisement mentioned having  “good knowledge and experience with Houdini for generating procedural worlds,” and having experience of “developing technical art including procedural content, shaders, tools, and optimization for games.”

People have speculated that London Studio may be resurrecting PlayStation Home but there’s no concrete evidence of this yet.

In response to London Studio’s latest tweet, PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst expressed his excitement for the project, with London Studio adding that it can’t wait to show fans what it’s working on.

Opinion: London Studio should resurrect PlayStation Home

Zarmena writes… I’ve always maintained that PlayStation Home was ahead of its time and now is the perfect time to bring it back. With Sony’s renewed focus on social aspects coupled with London Studio’s past experience, it makes sense to have something like it again. That said, Sony is in dire need of multiplayer games so London Studio making something new from scratch is equally welcome.

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