Horizon Forbidden West Prices Lawsuit

Lawyer Thinks Horizon Forbidden West Prices Could Lead to Sony Lawsuit

Sony could be in trouble, as prices for Horizon Forbidden West could be grounds for a class-action lawsuit, according to a lawyer. Despite some pretty impressive reviews and a free upgrade to the PS5 version, one lawyer states that the free upgrade path is intentionally deceptive. This is due to the fact that the PS4 version of the game costs $60, while the PS5 version is $70.

Sony’s Horizon Forbidden West prices could be considered deceptive

That’s not all, of course. As reported by VGC, attorney Richard Hoeg states that the problem lies in how Sony organized the game’s pre-order page. Though both games are the same in terms of content, Sony lists the version with a higher price tag first. Users have to scroll down the page to see the PS4 version and its $60 price tag in order to realize that they’d essentially be paying $10 extra for, well, nothing.

Just last year, Sony landed faced immense backlash after fans criticized the company’s decision to not include a free upgrade for the PS4 version of Horizon Forbidden West. Just a week later, Sony reversed the decision with the caveat that future PlayStation Studios titles would not feature the same upgrade entitlement.

Hoeg notes that this type of deceptive marketing could lead the Federal Trade Commission to take action. Whether the FTC will pursue legal action depends on if the regulator deems the game’s marketing as deliberately misleading. Unfortunately, Hoeg adds that there’s not much the FTC can do for those that have already purchased the more expensive $70 version. The best course of action for Sony, Hoeg says, is to reduce the price of the PS5 version to $60.

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