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Techland Promises to Continue Fixing Dying Light 2

Techland has said that while it’s proud of the game it made with Dying Light 2, its developers acknowledge that there’s a lot to fix and has already begun taking players’ feedback on board. Dying Light 2 received positive reviews overall and garnered millions of players in its launch week, but Techland told Gamereactor that it’s not ready to rest just yet.

Techland is working to improve Dying Light 2

“We’re getting some really nice feedback from people, what people like, what people dislike, and as we speak, the team is working on the improvements and the fixing,” animation director Dawid Lubryka told Gamereactor. “We have some shreds of data, we have some ideas of what we want to improve first, but it’s really fresh. It’s been just the weekend, so we first need to improve the things we knew even before the launch we wanted to fix. Now that we have started gathering feedback, we have extensive knowledge of what should be next, and we are working on it.”

Techland reminded fans of its promise to support the game for five years or more via post-release content updates, improvement updates, events, and much more. That Dying Light 2 has successfully garnered millions of players will only help its efforts. Techland recently shared some impressive PlayStation stats exclusively with ScreenRant, revealing:

  • Only 13 percent of players have killed a volatile
  • Only 12 percent of players have managed to escape the maximum level of Chase
  • Five percent of players have performed 50 headshots with ranged weapons
  • Six percent of players have performed a Perfect Block 10 times in a row without taking damage
  • 0.1 percent of players have completed all Nightrunner trials
  • A combined total of 11 million trophies have been unlocked

As a reminder, Dying Light 2 has already received its first free DLC.

In other news, the recent Metal Slug Awakening announcement was a hoax, and Sifu is getting difficulty options.

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