Horizon Forbidden West Clawstrider

Horizon Forbidden West Clawstrider Terrorises Sydney and Other Cities Soon

When it comes to promoting a new game, most publishers tend to go for videos, posters, interviews… you know, the usual kind of thing. Sony decided to go a little further with Horizon Forbidden West. They’ve decided to park a 10ft tall Clawstrider statue in the middle of Sydney’s Botanical Gardens. The statue will be appearing in 15 other cities across the world over the coming days too.

The statue comes with a Treat Code to win a PS5

The Clawstrider Treat Code is Triangle, Circle, L1, >, X, <, R1, Square, L2, > and it can be entered at this website. You’ll then need to take a guess at the following question: “During December 2021, how many hours did players play “Horizon Zero Dawn” globally? (PS5 and PS4)”. You’ll then be entered into a draw to win a PS5 console, a copy of Horizon Forbidden West Collector’s Edition, or a replica of Aloy’s spear. If you live in Sydney, the statue will be at the botanical gardens until February 22, but you have until March 7 to enter the code on the website.

Those who don’t live in Sydney will possibly get another chance to view the statue as it’s due to appear in 15 other cities around the world in the coming days, although those cities weren’t specified. PlayStation Australia’s Director of Marketing Patrick Lagana explained why the statue made its debut in Sydney:

Horizon Forbidden West is filled with incredible adventure and awe-inspiring machines, taking you on a remarkable journey through a vast array of ecosystems – from dry deserts and snowy landscapes, through to lush tropical valleys and beautiful beaches. It was these environments that were our inspiration for the Global Clawstrider campaign that is rolling out from today – kicking off in our very own backyard, in the beautiful Sydney Royal Botanic Garden. Horizon Forbidden West is set to be one of the biggest games of the year and an excellent addition to PlayStation’s unbeatable line up of exclusives, and we look forward to seeing how the world reacts to real-life Clawstriders, turning up in some of the most iconic cities.

Just in time for the game’s launch tomorrow, February 18, Guerrilla Games has released title update 1.04. The update fixes some crashes, progression blockers, “several cosmetic issues”, some instances where the Notebook wouldn’t update properly, and adds “various performance improvements”.

In other news, Atlus has launched a mysterious countdown website of their own, this time seemingly teasing a new project in the Soul Hackers series. Elsewhere, the second part of Dying Light 2’s free Authority Pack DLC is available for download now.