Horizon Forbidden West Patch 1.08

Horizon Forbidden West 100% Progress Still Not Achievable for Many After Latest Update

Horizon Forbidden West received Patch 1.08 today. The latest update fixes many of the progression blockers players were experiencing in both main and side missions, but the 100% progress statistic still remains unachievable for many players as the issues with machine spawns are yet to be solved. Caution: there may be spoilers ahead.

Horizon Forbidden West Patch 1.8 update notes

Horizon Forbidden West Firegleam

Horizon Forbidden West Patch 1.8 was released today, March 16. The main focus of the update was to fix progression blockers across main and side missions. There have also been crash fixes, and the removal of unintentional loading screens and black screens. I can verify both of these do seem to have improved since the update but the black screen issue still hasn’t gone away completely.

In terms of side activities, gauntlet runs no longer award a win if players come in last place, and firegleam icons should now be removed from the map after they have been completed. While the majority of firegleam icons have indeed gone away, some completed firegleam, metal flower, and sunken barrier icons remain stuck on the map. Combat has also been buffed. One of the most favorable changes amongst the player community is that Aloy is now “invulnerable during knockdowns from the moment she hits the ground to the moment she gets up”. This will prevent players taking damage when they can do nothing about it, something that makes quite a difference in some battles.

Those looking to gain 100% completion are still left waiting though. The Apex Sentry Scrounger does not spawn in the open world yet and remains unscannable to the majority of players. The creature was originally intended to randomly spawn in a cauldron, but only during the night. If, like me, you either completed the cauldron during the day or it just didn’t spawn at night, you’ll be left unable to scan all of the machines. The good news is that they have now fixed the problem where the “All Machine Types Scanned” trophy could be easily missed during the final mission.

Finally, those looking to collect all of the datapoints will be glad to know that those “located in areas that the player could not return to are now automatically unlocked upon the player leaving that space”. I can personally vouch that one of my unobtainable datapoints has now been added to my collection. The bad news is the bugged audio point #40 is still glitched and will not be automatically rewarded. The full patch notes can be seen on Reddit.

In other news, a Square Enix survey is asking players to provide feedback on Babylon’s Fall’s issues, starting with the game’s graphics. Elsewhere, Capcom has confirmed that any players with Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, or Resident Evil 7 save files on PS4 will be able to transfer them over if they buy the game on PS5.