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Supermassive’s The Quarry Targets Gamers and Non-gamers Both

Supermassive Games has told GamesRadar in an interview that Until Dawn spiritual successor The Quarry has been designed for gamers and non-gamers both. The game will contain several settings that will enable the audience to turn it into a movie of sorts, with the only thing being left up to the player is whether it’ll have a good ending or a bad ending.

The Quarry gameplay will have combat and QTEs

Like Until Dawn, The Quarry will feature QTEs, combat, and some third-person exploration. The game’s strength lies in its plot so it’s deliberate designed to be accessible. Should you wish to turn off all the extra bits and bobs and sit through the movie, you can do exactly that.

“You can play, or your grandparents can play, and by turning all of the extra settings off, you’ve ultimately got a movie,” game director Will Byles told GamesRadar. “And then you can then decide what sort of movie you want it to be: you can make a happy ending movie, you can make it a really bleak ending movie, and you can choose my own favourite, which is the gore fest movie. That goes down a fairly dark path.”

Opinion: The Quarry will scratch my Until Dawn itch

Zarmena writes…. I’m not a huge fan of the horror genre but Until Dawn was something I could stomach easily. Sure, it was more goofy than horror but I quite enjoyed the experience and was long hoping for something similar. I don’t expect The Quarry to be game-of-the-year material or have an Oscar-level plot but there is still room for these types of experiences and I’m glad 2K is giving Supermassive that chance again.

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[Source: GamesRadar]