Marvels Avengers PS5 Crashes Fixed

Marvel’s Avengers PS5 Crashes Fixed But Not Until After Players Deleted Their Progress

The March update for Marvel’s Avengers was introduced a couple of days ago and it brought with it problems that caused the game to crash for PS5 players. Those PS5 crashes have now been fixed but not until after Crystal Dynamics’ official workaround caused players to delete their Marvel’s Avengers campaign progress.

What caused the Marvel’s Avengers PS5 crashes?

Marvel's Avengers Thor

Marvel’s Avengers March Update was released on March 29. PS5 players immediately faced issues where the game crashed on their PS5 consoles. While Crystal Dynamics has not explained what the issue was or how it was fixed, it seems like something was conflicting with a player’s campaign save data. Initially, the developer told players that if they reset their Reassemble Campaign Progress and forced the game closed as soon as they became young Kamala on A-Day, they would be able to play Marvel’s Avengers. Luckily, this workaround is no longer necessary.

The March update focused on the War Table and making the process simpler for new players. Nick Fury has returned to lead a new mission chain that replaces some of the War Table’s earlier missions and is a better guide for new players. The Reigning Supreme, Hive Mind, Cloning Around, and Vault Discovery chains have now been removed completely while others now have altered Power Level requirements.

Other new features include new checkpoint rewards for the Discordant Sound Raid, easier access to Vault missions, matchmaking changes (including voting), alterations to Gear Sets and Perks, and plenty of other bug fixes and gameplay improvements. The full patch notes can be found on the Square Enix website. Thor: The Dark World Outfit was also added to the in-game store today, March 31. It’s worth noting, though, that we’re on the final day of Q1 2022 and there’s still no content roadmap, nor is there any indication of when one will be produced.

In other news, analysts are convinced the new PlayStation Plus tiers are not as attractive to players as Xbox Game Pass. However, they still think it will increase Sony’s revenue. Elsewhere, Forspoken developer Luminous Productions promises they’ll be improving the game based on player feedback.