Ghost of Tsushima Merchandise on tsushima Island

Real Island of Tsushima Plans to Sell Ghost of Tsushima Merch as Souvenirs

The island of Tsushima will be capitalizing on the success of Ghost of Tsushima by setting up a special souvenir shop. The game served as a gateway to the beauty of Japan for many players, and the “Ghost of REAL Tsushima” collection will reward those that come to see the real thing with some exclusive merchandise.

What Ghost of Tsushima merchandise will be available on Tsushima Island?

Ghost of Tsushima Merch
Source: Tsushima Local Promotion Association

Starting on April 29, the Tsushima Local Promotion Association will set up a permanent Ghost of REAL Tsushima booth at the souvenir shop in the Fureaidokoro Tsushima building, which serves as the local tourist information center. The products will be provided by MSY’s gaming culture brand, GRAPHT GAMING LIFE.

Ghost of Tsushima was a massive hit and became one of Sony’s fastest-selling new IPs. Unfortunately, its July 2020 release came in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, Tsushima Island couldn’t fully tap into its popularity to attract tourism. Fortunately, now that the danger has somewhat passed, fans can get a chance to check out the real deal and get some swag while they’re at it.

The initial lineup of products are:

  • Tachisuji Cut T-Shirt (¥6,600)
  • Ghost Tachisuji Print Work Shirt (¥9,800)
  • Family Crest Monogram Bandana (¥1,980)
  • Reversable Jacquard Muffler (¥5,000)
  • Sakai Family Crest Socks (¥2,310)
  • Eco Mug (¥1,980)
  • Family Crest Patches (¥1,980)
  • Logo and Family Crest T-Shirt (Samurai Design) (¥3,278)
  •  Logo and Family Crest T-Shirt (Ghost Design) (¥3,278)
  • Logo and Family Crest Hoodie (Ghost Design) (¥5,980)
  • PS4 Slim Skin (¥4,378)
  • PS4 Pro Skin (¥4,378)
  • DualShock 4 Skin (¥1,980)

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